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If you work on local SEO projects and manage Google My Business (GMB) listings, you’ve probably already rushed to answer at least one of these questions:

  • How to increase our visibility?
  • How can we extend our ranking coverage?
  • My GMB listing is “filtered” or blocked – what now?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Everything you need to know about Google My Business ranking and visibility can be found in this comprehensive guide from Local Viking.

Learn actionable local SEO strategies based on years of serving large white label agencies, owning a portfolio of general and niche agencies and working with marketing teams on national GMB campaigns with over thousands of locations across the country,

In our 100% free guide, you’ll learn about Local Viking’s methodology for increasing your GMB listing’s ranking and visibility – broken down into a few different components and each explained in detail in an in-depth masterclass.

Contents of the guide

The first two sections examine the engine of Google My Business: how does Google determine where it will rank GMB ads for certain profiles?

You will enter the meat and potatoes components to put where to get the best rankings.

Knowing the “why” behind the processes will help you understand deeper contexts and, in turn, perform better.

Google My Business: Your Guide to Better Local SEO Rankings

The guide also explores the ranking mechanics of GMB listings – developing brand awareness, relevance, and proximity, and delves into the underlying ecosystem of Google’s patents and what they mean for local SEO professionals.

Next, we’ll share the first process we go through on each consultation for new customers to determine any potential issues that could arise from stuck or plateaued campaigns.

This is an end-to-end audit protocol that identifies missing categories, classifies signal deficiencies or if you get caught in a filter.

Auditing has become such a part of our daily life as we have designed a cloud-based dashboard container and a completely separate training system that you can also access for free – no upselling or anything at all. to sell. You can access here.

This topic is also covered in the guide, and you can see training videos and additional resources on the Local Viking YouTube channel and blog.

In section GMB 101, you will take an encyclopedic journey into the inner workings of GMB administration at the administrative level.

Proper configuration and optimization ensures that you are working within Google’s terms of service.

It also sets your GMB list for maximum visibility up front instead of having to complete parts of your campaign twice.

Google My Business: Your Guide to Better Local SEO Rankings

Whether you’re a newbie to Google My Business or a seasoned local SEO professional, you’ll find plenty of gold nuggets in this section.

The next section covers one of the most crucial parts of GMB that are often overlooked – the website and the page it’s attached to.

Optimizing your website according to best practices is covered extensively, and you’ll get a ton of free schematic templates and other local SEO resources to help you model some of the processes outlined in the guide.

Google My Business: Your Guide to Better Local SEO Rankings

Potentially the most interesting part of our guide is where we dig deeper into a comprehensive list of strategies for getting local signals that push rankings on your GMB list and local websites, including local guest posting and local website rankings. ‘exploration of local link building targets.

Plus, check out our list of search operators to find the best opportunities for your campaign.

Google My Business: Your Guide to Better Local SEO Rankings

The guide discusses citations in 2021 and beyond and explains why you don’t need expensive citation tools and services.

Instead, you’ll learn how to create a smart strategy for structured citation sites that you can inexpensively outsource or pass on to an in-house team member.

We’ll also give you an in-depth look at the properties you can use to optimize and build brand awareness and build trust in Google’s eyes.

The goal of this section is to make sure that you have a toolkit of resources for local SEO that impact signal building.

To bring together the entire ecosystem of strategies and concepts, we show you how to use a system like Local Viking to track rankings in a revolutionary way, identify loopholes in your campaigns, and perform cutting-edge automation to deploy a bunch of tactics we’re talking about. approximately in the guide.

Google My Business: Your Guide to Better Local SEO Rankings

In the GMB Insights section, you can create comprehensive media and reporting calendars and track the effect of all your hard work.

Google My Business: Your Guide to Better Local SEO Rankings

By leveraging GMB mass posting, image uploading and optimization, planning campaigns large and small is a snap.

Google My Business: Your Guide to Better Local SEO Rankings

We even looked at the time taken to complete a typical month of GMB tasks and cut the time down to less than 15 minutes.

You can check out handy videos and timers with descriptions showcasing the methodology live on a list on our blog and see how you can develop your own 15 minute marketing methodology using Local Viking.

Whether you have your own stack of tools that you use or prefer a more manual and time-consuming process, you can always uncover a wealth of useful tips and strategies from our content.

So download the GMB Ranking Guide and let us know what you think or if you have any questions.


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