Wildfire Systems Achieves 2021 Record Accelerating Growth of White Label Purchase Reward Programs

Expansion of merchant network reach by 67% and increase in transaction speed by 2,400%

SOLANA BEACH, CA, December 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Wildfire Systems Inc., an innovative financial technology platform that powers rewards and loyalty programs, announced record growth in 2021, driven by its success in increasing both customer loyalty and revenues for its partners and retailers from its network of merchants. The company’s global merchant program network, with coverage in more than 50 countries, has grown 67% this year. In addition, transactions referred to participating merchants in November 2021 increased 24 times more november 2020.

Wildfire Systems’ enterprise platform enables partners to integrate social commerce, rewards and reimbursement offerings into their existing services. Its patented suite of technologies rewards online shopping and leverages digital word of mouth, delivering enhanced user experiences, consumer loyalty and new revenue streams for partners. By leveraging word-of-mouth recommendations, Wildfire generates additional revenue for over 30,000 online merchants, including 1,800 Flowers, Dell, Macy’s and Sephora. (PRNewsfoto / Wildfire Systems)

The growth of Wildfire is due in large part to the company adding new white label partners and expanding merchant coverage. Additionally, Wildfire’s offering is aligned with key macroeconomic trends in e-commerce and the changing consumer behaviors that are fueling business growth. According to eMarketer, global e-commerce sales jumped 25.7% in 2020 and are expected to grow a further 16.8% in 2021. Along with the transition to e-commerce, consumers increasingly expect rewards programs in the marketplace. part of their online shopping experience. The success of offers such as PayPal’s Honey, Capital One Shopping, and Rakuten Rewards has made cash back and coupons mainstream. Wildfire is capitalizing on these trends as a turnkey white label platform for online shopping rewards.

In the 3rd trimester, forest fire secured $ 15 million in Series A venture capital financing, a round co-led by TTV Capital and QED Investors. The company used the capital to expand the launch of its white-label rewards and loyalty platform, which enables technology companies and financial institutions to extend shopping rewards and loyalty programs to their customers. The platform enables Wildfire partners to improve customer loyalty, strengthen brand loyalty, reduce customer acquisition costs and generate revenue through merchant-funded purchase rewards.

“Financial services companies and technology brands operate in increasingly competitive markets. They are expanding their offerings to become more essential and useful to their customers, with particular emphasis on shopping and e-commerce services that improve the financial well-being of users, ”said Jordan glazier, CEO, Wildfire Systems. “Our white label rewards and loyalty platform is a differentiator that enables our partners to drive retention, loyalty and new revenue streams, while providing rewards to their customers as part of the natural flow of customer journeys. ‘purchase. “

The forest fire has appointed several industry veterans on its Board of Directors and Advisory Board, including Michel marcus, senior advisor at the Boston Consulting Group specializing in financial services; Kerri pollard, who was previously Chairman of Honey’s Commission Junction and CRO; and Adam weiss, who was Senior Vice President and General Manager of Rakuten Marketing.

Wildfire innovated its technology platform throughout 2021, adding new features unheard of in the industry, including:

  • White label Safari iOS web extensions that allow iPhone owners to earn rewards and cash back at online merchants. Announcement in September, Wildfire powers Acorns’ iOS Safari browser extension, allowing customers to save money and earn rewards from thousands of brands while shopping online.

  • Functionality of automatic application of coupons in a white label rewards platform. The cutterâ„¢, announcement in November, offers partners the opportunity to offer their consumers the ability to find and automatically apply the best coupons online. Coupon is a useful feature that improves the online shopping experience for consumers by finding coupons while they shop, and then automatically applying the best deal at checkout.

The addition of its iOS Safari browser extension and automatic coupon application functionality completes Wildfire’s complete turnkey platform. Partners are now able to roll out a full rewards program across all platforms, including desktop, Android and iOS, as well as a full suite of offers including cash back, coupons, directories and directories. ‘purchases, browser extensions, user payments and reports.

For more information on Wildfire Systems and to see a demo of the company’s white label rewards and loyalty platform, please visit https://www.wildfire-corp.com.

About Wildfire Systems, Inc.
Wildfire Systems provides an enterprise platform that allows partners to integrate social commerce, rewards and reimbursement offerings into their existing services. Wildfire’s patented suite of technologies rewards online purchases and leverages digital word of mouth, delivering enhanced user experiences, consumer loyalty and new revenue streams for partners. By leveraging word of mouth recommendations, Wildfire generates additional revenue for more than 30,000 online merchants, including Dell, Macy’s and Sephora. The company is based in San Diego and was founded in 2017. For more information visit www.wildfire-corp.com.



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