What is the Email Verification API? How can companies benefit from it?


Getting the most out of email marketing is crucial for any business. After all, every investment counts, given that $ 1 spent on email marketing can pay off on average. $ 42. With this in mind, companies strive to use all the tools and instruments at their disposal to optimize their email marketing strategies.

Using email checking software, such as Email verification APIs, has become a way for companies to ensure that their marketing campaignns can stimulate business growth. In fact, the email verification software market has grown rapidly and is expected to reach $ 160.85 million by 2027.

This article covers the basics of email address verification and its importance, Email verification APIs, and how they can help businesses.

What is email verification?

Email verification is verifying that the email addresses on your mailing list are valid and can receive messages. A common way to do this is to use the double opt-in, which involves sending confirmation links via email to new subscribers. An example of a double opt-in strategy is how Viber verifies that the user entered the correct email address.

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The method certainly helps businesses verify email addresses and generate fewer spam complaints, but there is a significant downside to double opt-ins as well. Without email checking services, users may not be able to notice any misspellings or typos in their email addresses as they type them. As a result, businesses would get invalid email addresses on their list, while customers would have to go through the entire signup process when they don’t receive the confirmation link in their correct email inbox.

For this reason, some companies use different email verification services, including Email verification APIs, on their websites.

what is a Email verification API?

A Email verification API is a program that allows developers or website administrators to integrate email validation into their existing systems. Application programming interfaces (APIs) act as intermediaries between different software. In the case of a Email verification API, it connects your registration page, for example, to an email verification service.

How a Email verification API Job?

Email verification APIs extract data from email verification services that derive information from various email databases and other data sources. When a user registers on a website with a Email verification API, the program will call the verification service, which in turn performs verifications and searches for the email address in multiple databases.

For example, an email verification service might get data from an email server database, a disposable email domain database, and an email provider database. shipping, as the picture show below.

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Actual application of a Email verification API

We mentioned earlier that Email verification APIs can be integrated into registration pages, which is its most common application. We tested this on some of the more popular websites using the wrong janedoe @ gmal email address[.]com.

HubSpot immediately let us know that there was an issue with the email address while Canva proceeded to send a code to the non-existent address.

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On Shopify, we have been allowed to create a store using the same email address. Clicking on the button to request a verification email also sent a link to the non-existent address.

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4 reasons why email checking is important

The examples in the previous sections can give you a clue as to some of the reasons why email address verification is essential. Below are four.

  • Email verification helps deliver a good customer experience (CX): Imagine waiting for a verification code that never arrives because you entered the wrong email address. As a customer this would be frustrating and some might become discouraged or lost interest.
  • Email checking reduces the likelihood of freemium abuse: This ensures that customers sign up for a free account using a working email address. The address verification process could help deter freemium abusers from signing up using disposable or invalid email addresses.
  • Email verification increases the chances of conversion: Email marketing campaigns can fail when your mailing list contains invalid and nonexistent addresses because they cannot receive messages. Email validation ensures that users can receive your marketing emails, increasing their chances of conversion.
  • Email verification helps improve reputation for sending emails: A company’s emailing reputation can be affected by high bounce rates, which becomes more likely when there are no email addresses on the list. There is also the possibility of being marked as spammer and blocked.

Email verification can be done in a number of ways, including performing real-time email validation using a Email verification API. The process not only ensures that customers sign up using valid and existing email addresses, but your business can also benefit in terms of optimizing email marketing, improving customer experience, and improving customer service. comprehensive business protection against freemium abuse.

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