What Auto Insurance Coverage Can Help Drivers Whose Vehicles Are Affected by Weather

“Severe weather events and natural disasters can occur without warning. To protect their vehicles in any situation, drivers are encouraged to purchase appropriate coverage,” said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.

Compare-autoinsurance.org has launched a new blog post that shows which car insurance policies can help drivers whose car has been affected by severe weather.

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When they hear of an impending storm, such as a hurricane, winter storm, tornado or hailstorm, most people tend to prepare. While there is no insurance for hurricanes, snowstorms, or even tornadoes, there is coverage for the elements associated with these severe weather events.

Drivers whose vehicles have been affected by severe weather should consider the following:

  • Which auto insurance policies cover severe weather? Comprehensive insurance is the coverage that will reimburse policyholders if their cars have been damaged or even totaled in severe weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires as well as floods and hail. However, in the event of floods or hurricanes, there are binding restrictions. Insurers may choose to restrict new business or changes to an existing policy in the days or weeks before a severe weather event.
  • How can drivers file a car insurance claim for severe weather? The first step to take is to contact the insurance provider immediately if there is any weather damage to the vehicle. Then the policyholder will have to document the damage. To do this, drivers can take photos or videos of the damage done to the car and they can take notes about the weather event that damaged their vehicles. If a major weather event affects the area, other people may be affected, so drivers should keep in mind the importance of being patient in the process of claiming their cars. Driving the damaged vehicle is also not recommended.
  • How to prevent bad weather on a vehicle? Drivers should remain alert to severe weather warnings. They must always inform themselves of any storms or perils that will affect their living areas. Additionally, drivers should always have sufficient coverage, such as full coverage for their vehicles, and they should review their deductible. In addition, drivers must protect their vehicle by any means necessary. They should park their car in a covered or protected structure, away from trees and other objects, and in a low area in case of flooding. Drivers caught driving during severe weather should avoid puddles and standing water, drive slowly, and seek shelter on the side of the road or under a structure as soon as possible. To protect the windows of their vehicles, policyholders can use clothing or blankets.

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