Website Intelligence Platform Deepcrawl Launches New Monitor Hub to Combat Ineffective Management of Multiple Websites

For large enterprise websites, multi-brand companies with many domains, and agencies managing multiple client websites, effectively managing technical SEO and website health at scale poses significant operational challenges. With the addition of Monitor Hub, the Deepcrawl platform solves an array of challenges associated with large-scale, multi-site technical SEO management by providing a centralized command center, trend tracking aggregated across multiple domains or projects, and customizable alerts.

Geared toward effective website management at scale, Monitor Hub highlights trends and fluctuations in technical website health metrics and notifies users of new site changes that impact performance and traffic, so digital teams can quickly identify issues and make necessary changes.

Customizable dashboards in Monitor Hub help digital teams gather metrics across multiple projects and provide a holistic view of site changes and technical health and performance trends in one place. Users can customize their dashboard views with metrics from over 200 built-in reports to focus on the data that has the most impact for their specific needs.

Overlaying data from multiple projects for a given metric allows users to easily compare performance and trends across multiple site sections or domains and learn what works best and what needs attention. This trending data can help teams stay on top of technical issues and secure additional investments in SEO and website projects to prevent declining trending metrics from becoming critical, ongoing, and error-prone. exhausting.

Monitor Hub’s custom alerts allow users to act quickly when a new site change may negatively impact organic search performance and traffic. Alerts can also integrate with popular business communication platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

In addition to streamlining digital operations for enterprise brands, Deepcrawl’s monitor hub also facilitates the work of SEO and digital marketing agencies. Agencies can now track all of their clients’ websites in one place and glean new insights into which efforts are performing best.

“Managing websites at scale is a major challenge for digital teams. Multiple teams working on many sites or one large site with many key sections, like different geographies, makes it nearly impossible to stay on top of changes. If SEO and technical issues go unnoticed, they can have a serious impact on organic search traffic and therefore revenue and brand awareness.Monitor Hub simplifies site management with customizable alerts and a new view of Actionable insights across multiple domains or projects in one place, said the CEO of Deepcrawl Craig Dunham .

“Deepcrawl was founded by technical SEOs with a deep understanding of the day-to-day challenges professionals face in this field. We understand the complexity involved in getting actionable insights from websites that can truly advance business goals by driving profitability organic growth. Our team is constantly innovating to meet the latest developments in research and website health and we are excited to introduce a new set of enterprise solutions in Monitor Hub.”

About Deep Crawl

Deepcrawl is a website intelligence platform – a “command center” for the technical health of the website. It helps businesses scale their digital operations by bringing together the teams, data, and insights needed for successful, revenue-driving websites. Powered by its world-class web crawler, Deepcrawl exposes technical and structural issues that exist or are about to be introduced to your site and helps you prioritize and fix them. Take control of your website health with Deepcrawl and realize your website’s full business potential. For more information, visit

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