Watch: Lee Seo Jin struggles to set up a medical clinic with help from Ra Mi Ran, Cha Chung Hwa, Kim Kwang Gyu and more

TVING’s upcoming drama “Internal Medicine Director Park” has released its main teaser!

“Internal Medicine Director Park” is a medical-drama comedy about the “funny and sad” life of a doctor. Lee Seo Jin takes on the role of Director Park, who dreamed of becoming a doctor but now dies between the art of medicine and his business skills in a clinic with barely any patients.

The teaser begins with Director Park desperately asking, “Do hospitals have beginner’s luck too?” If I open a hospital, patients will be lining up, right? He reveals that he dreamed of becoming a doctor after seeing Cool Doctors on TV, and after years and years of hard work, finally became a doctor. But the reality of opening his own clinic is that he didn’t give any treatment in the morning and doesn’t have an afternoon appointment. In order to cut costs, he tells nurse Cha Mi Young (Cha Chung Hwa) to limit the coffee blend to one per day and tape the hot water faucet to the water dispenser.

Ra Mi Ran shows off his comedic chops as Sa Mo Rim, director Park’s wife. He’s a bright, lovable character who trusts doctors on TV more than her husband. She says: “I have to go out for a bit”, when her husband comes home calling her “oppaGently, and he whispers, “When the children are sleeping, can I meet you outside?” and the two exchange sly winks.

At his endangered clinic, Director Park also has an eclectic team of colleagues. After seeing his new nurse Cha Ji Hoon (Seo Bum June) with his head nurse, Cha Mi Young, he jokes, “It’s almost like you’re mother and son.” It is revealed that they are, in fact, mother and son and that they are keeping the director a secret. Director Park also has several adventures with his friends and colleagues, such as Director of Proctology Surgery Sun Woo Soo Ji (Shin Eun Jung), Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology Ji Min Ji (Kim Kwang Gyu) and Director of urology Choi Hyung Suk (Jung Hyung Suk).

After hearing that there were a lot of malicious comments about Director Park’s clinic, Ji Min Ji calmly said, “I am never disturbed when I am cursed.” Director Park then curses him and Ji Min Ji throws his coffee mug and jumps on him to fight. Meanwhile, Sa Mo Rim asks her husband to take off his wig when he is home and he refuses.

“Internal Medicine Director Park” premieres on January 14. Check out the trailer below!

In the meantime, check out Lee Seo Jin in “Times” below!

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