Tory tax crooks line up to succeed Boris – We ask the tax questions

It seems every successful candidate as leader of Britain’s ‘party for business’ is a ‘self-made multi-millionaire’ with a bunch of skeletons left behind by their path to riches – especially when it comes to the common trait of escapism tax.

Tax evasion, which must be hastened to be explained as “avoidance” rather than “fraud”, is one of the methods by which the wealthy are increasingly advantaged by expense of the less well off who, unlike them, are unable to manage their own salaries, hire accountants and set up offshore companies to avoid tax on their properties and other assets.

Having the ability to swap jurisdictions or claim “non-dom” status is an added bonus for these wheel dealers and politicians. However, their petty and selfish credentials disqualify these would-be prime ministers from any cogent claim to be ‘in it with the rest of us’ just as much as Boris’ party during Covid.

Legislators should not chase loopholes in their own laws to enrich themselves.

Nevertheless, without exception, these conservative pretenders embrace the idea that their “business brain” is what the country needs in a leader – someone with a proven ability to enrich themselves (at the expense of others in their case) rather than a person who cares about governing with everyone in mind.

The rationale is that their creation of wealth (for themselves) creates jobs. Perhaps the likes of Mr. Zahawi could explain in their presentations to management how hiding one’s wealth from taxes in an offshore paradise creates jobs for anyone besides a bunch of lawyers and bankers, who are no doubt happy to finance his political party?

In the meantime, if Mr. Zahawi is rushed to the emergency room, it will therefore be the less well-off who will pay for his treatment and likewise the less well-off who will bear the brunt of all the other expenses that allow him to benefit from work transport. system, law and order, defence, a civil service and judiciary, and all the other vital job-creating services that his party spends its time trying to squeeze in the name of “little government.”

If these tax evaders contributed fairly to these services, surely they could show a greater interest in seeing the money properly spent, rather than doled out on crony contracts like a third world kleptocracy? Instead, the key obsession they seem to share is that of further tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy like themselves.

Here is the list of top Conservative candidates who have shown willingness to dodge laws that require us to contribute to our society:

Jeremy Hunt (self-made multi-millionaire)

Mr Hunt made it clear that he had not broken any laws. However, he seems unable to deny that he managed to avoid that scourge of the rest of us, stamp duty. In 2018 The Mirror broke news of his bulk flat buying scheme (no less than 7 houses through a company run by his wife) which saved him £100,000, for example.

Obviously, that’s not the kind of maneuver available to the average Joe. He also failed to report his majority stake in the company in the proper manner, thereby breaking anti-money laundering laws introduced by his own government. The police acknowledged that this was a mistake.

Nadhim Zahawi (self-taught multimillionaire)

Concerns about Mr Zahawi are already generating a multiplicity of challenges and questions in the context of his previous business dealings as an adviser to a Kurdish oil company whose bosses are now in jail for fraud.

And when it came to buying his multi-million pound palaces in London and his constituency, this British Chancellor chose to do so through offshore companies… to avoid taxes from his own government. Likewise, he appears to have invested in his flagship polling firm You Gov through offshore companies. He avoided saying if it was to avoid taxes from his own government.

This according to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Corruption which has just released a series of further questions about the tax-evading Chancellor, who nonetheless clearly thinks he is the right man to lead the nation, given that he has been secretly developing his leadership bid for months. behind Boris Johnson’s back using the Prime Minister’s own advisers as an inside track (he could clearly pay them more than the financially troubled No 10 holder).

Rishi Sunak (self-made multi-billionaire by marriage)

No less unedifying is the tax evasion of the all too recent previous chancellor – or at least his wife, who inherited the family money. Once again, it became clear that every effort had been made to keep this money out of the clutches of its own State Department in previous years.

His wife has achieved this feat by simply claiming that she is not based in the UK – her ‘non-domiciled’ status has saved her potentially tens of millions in tax on her fortune from a billion pounds, it has been revealed in recent weeks, while at the same time her husband has clawed back overwhelming sums of money from the squeezed masses through 15 tax hikes and by increasing bonuses national insurance that they cannot avoid.

She apologized, but she is no worse than her husband who, while the Chancellor of the UK was forced to admit that for 19 months in the role (and the previous 6 years as an MP) , he had declared himself as a “permanent US”. resident” as a green card holder. He didn’t explain why and she didn’t explain where she kept her money and if any of it was held in tax havens.

Sajeed Javid

The other key contender for the job proved equally shrewd in avoiding paying his company dues through taxes. After all, he had also managed to classify himself as a ‘non-dom’ (despite being British and working in Britain) for six years before entering politics.

To do this, he had to declare that despite being born in Britain, he had no intention of continuing to live in the UK in the longer term.

Later deciding to enter politics instead, he nevertheless failed, while an MP and PPS to Chancellor George Osborne, to declare (as required by parliamentary rules) an offshore family company in which he had a interest. When asked if money coming from abroad was subject to tax, he refused to answer.

While a banker, he was linked to Dark Blue Investments which ran a benefits trust where staff received their stock bonuses through trusts to avoid tax. The Supreme Court later ruled that tax had to be paid on these premiums.

The latter are now among the main contenders of the Conservative Party at the head of the country. Men who have demonstrated their willingness to shirk their own patriotic obligations to pay their just contribution to the common good while imposing budget cuts and austerity measures on everyone else.

They think it all shows they’re smart. They think they are equipped to be the ‘CEO’ of the country having shown how to dodge the rules they impose on themselves. The rest of society must trust his theories that the “trickle down effect” (jobs meeting his luxurious needs) will keep the rest of society prosperous.

Clearly there were jobs to be done, for example building Mr Sunak’s heated swimming pool, gym and tennis court for £250,000 for his mansion – fuel bills of 13 £000 a year won’t be a worry for him at least.


As more suitors throw their caps in the ring, the image becomes even more tarnished – Grant Schapps’ own business revelations have included impersonation, false denials and whispers according to which the police were investigating him for fraud.

We’re happy to confirm that police have dropped their investigations into Schapp’s denials that he was online salesman “Michael Green” (which he eventually admitted to being). A Guardian expose detailed that “branding himself as an internet marketing guru, Shapps claimed in 2007 that the public could ‘earn $20,000 in 20 days guaranteed or your money back’ – if they spent $200 to buy his software on measure”. Unfortunately, that turned out not to be the case. Schapps then became an MP and quickly shut down the operation.

According to a statement from the Metropolitan Police, “a legal opinion has been sought which has concluded that the sale of the software may constitute an offense of fraud, among other things. However, at the end of the assessment process, the MPS decided not to open a criminal investigation and has now closed this case.

The Conservatives will choose among them and a few other leadership candidates over the next few days, after which the country will have to live with the choice until there is an election.

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