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Top Opensea NFTs

Non-fungible tokens are revolutionizing the complete way of operating in the digital world. NFTs are digital assets that are traded on marketplaces. NFT represents digital assets developed on a blockchain network and integrated with smart contracts. The rise of this technology is expansive and immense in a short period of time. Everyone wonders why digital images are sold for millions of dollars and there is only one answer; the possession. With blockchain and smart contracts, the digital image will act like NFTs. Ownership is stored in the blockchain. So when it comes to exchanging the image, it would not be a regular image asset, but a fully proprietary asset. Therefore, NFTs have become a new way to provide investment opportunities to people around the world. These digital collectibles are traded on various NFT platforms and OpenSea is the best and most used of them all. There is a wide range of OpenSea NFTs in the digital space and they would be a perfect start for people who are at the beginner level in terms of NFT trading. Therefore, we will have a full breakdown of the best OpenSea NFTs in the digital space.

1. CryptoPunks

NFT opensea CryptoPunks
CryptoPunks OpenSea NFT

CryptoPunks is one of the best OpenSea NFTs in the digital space. These NFT collectibles are one of the first NFTs developed on the Ethereum blockchain network. This NFT project consists of approximately 10,000 24×24 pixel images generated by smart contract. These collectibles are filled with random attributes generated by their respective smart contracts. These OpenSea NFTs are sold at a higher price and it is also one of the most popular.

2. Bored Monkey Yacht

Bored Ape Yacht OpenSea NFT

Bored Ape yacht club is the latest OpenSea NFT in the digital space. This is a very unique NFT collectible which is developed on the Ethereum blockchain network. This NFT collectible brings a wide range of cartoon monkey images that are uniquely generated by smart contracts. Each monkey available on the platform is made up of unique characteristics and attributes generated by smart contracts.

3. Doodles

OpenSea NFT Doodles
OpenSea NFT Doodles

Doodle is an OpenSea NFT that has a collection of 10,000 generative NFTs developed by a group of experienced developers; Evan Keast, Scott Martin and Jordan Castro. This NFT project is reaching greater heights in a relatively short period of time. And become on par with other generative NFTs.

4. Art Blocks

Art Blocks OpenSea NFT

Art blocks are one of the latest OpenSea NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain network. This NFT collectible is a generative type of NFT and it is extremely unique and programmable. This NFT collectible works with the idea of ​​using NFT drops, so users will be surprised when they buy these NFTs on the OpenSea platform.


Azuki OpenSea NFT

Azuki is the latest OpenSea NFT that is expected to be the face of NFT collectibles in the near future. It has become a brand for the metaverse niche. This NFT collection aims to make Azuki NFT one of the most decentralized brands in the metaverse. Hence, paving the way for an exceptional level of participation in the decentralized environment.

Non-fungible tokens are becoming the biggest investment opportunity a company can experience right now. It all has to do with the awesome features and benefits of this technology. And above all, it is flexible. NFTs can be used for a wide range of use cases today. Whether from the field of art to the field of sport. The use cases are growing rapidly and thus attracting a wide range of users to the platform. With this impressive level of traction, now is the time for trading platforms to start investing in this sector or better yet, create their own NFTs and make it a solid business model.

NFT businesses are a great platform to earn more profits. However, creating an NFT marketplace would be a great business idea. NFT market business would make huge profits as long as NFTs are in vogue. It could net you more profits along the way and make you a successful entrepreneur.

Last thoughts,

OpenSea is a very popular market platform. It is the home of thousands of rare NFTs and it is also a very user-friendly platform. This platform is perfect for trading platforms and individuals to launch their own NFTs and even conduct investment business. Therefore, this platform is exceptional when it comes to trading Opensea NFTs.

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