Ting Internet Joins Industry Cohort Supporting Emergency Broadband Delivery



The new initiative, funded by $ 3.2 billion awarded by Congress in the December 2020 The stimulus package is led by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and aims to help Americans who are struggling to pay for broadband Internet service during the pandemic. As part of the Emergency Broadband Benefit, eligible Ting Internet customers will receive up to one $ 50 monthly credit on their Internet bill for the duration of the program.1

“Tucows and Ting Internet are keenly aware of the digital divide that exists across the country; expanding accessibility and minimizing the implications of limited Internet access is something we consider at every stage of our operations,” said Monica webb, Head of Market Development, Ting Internet. “High-speed emergency delivery aligns strongly with our values ​​of giving back and ensuring that the Internet is open and accessible to all. We want this program to be as clear and simple as possible for our customers. ”

Since the start of the pandemic, Ting Internet has broadened its commitment to programs aimed at lowering barriers to Internet access, which includes local initiatives to install communal Internet hotspots and partnerships on national programs. price reduction.

“We fundamentally believe that everyone should have the ability to access the internet. The costs – especially for those struggling during a global pandemic – should not be prohibitive,” said Zuri stanback, Head of Marketing, Ting Internet. “We are committed to simplifying access to all government relief programs. We know the real impact of these initiatives and that is exactly why we have a dedicated team to continue all broadband support programs. States and federal government. ”

Since March 2020, Ting Internet has expanded its digital inclusion programs, installing Internet hotspots in public spaces that the community can use in all markets where the company operates. At the start of the pandemic in March 2020, Ting also signed the FCC’s Keep Americans Connected pledge, promising that Internet access would not be interrupted for customers who were unable to pay.

New and existing customers in any of Ting’s markets can see if they are eligible for this program by visiting ting.com/ebb.2 Eligible customers will register for emergency broadband service through National Lifeline Auditor, and once registration is verified with Ting, the monthly credit will be applied directly to their account.

Ting Internet currently operates in 13 markets across the country, with cities of California, Colorado, Idaho, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia.

To learn more about the high-speed emergency benefit and to see if you or your household is eligible for the program, please visit fcc.gov/broadbandbenefit.

For more information on Ting Internet, its services and prices, or to find regular updates, please visit ting.com/internet.

About Ting Internet

Ting Internet provides Crazy Fast Fiber Internet® in select US cities. Ting is committed to Net Neutrality and the Open Internet. Additionally, Ting Internet is committed to helping improve the communities it serves by supporting and defending local good works. Ting Internet sponsors local programs, events, foundations, festivals, charities and public services everywhere we go, investing in the future of the cities we serve.

About Tucows

Tucows is a provider of network access, mobile technology services, domain names and other Internet services. Internet Ting (https://ting.com/internet) offers fixed fiber internet access with exceptional customer support. Tucows’ Mobile Services Enabler (MSE) platform provides network access, provisioning and billing services for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). OpenSRS (https://opensrs.com), Enom (https://www.enom.com) and Ascio (https://ascio.com) collectively manage approximately 25 million domain names and millions of value-added services through a global reseller network of more than 36,000 web hosts and ISPs. Hover over (https://hover.com) allows individuals and small businesses to easily manage their domain names and email addresses. More information can be found on the Tucows corporate website (https://tucows.com).

Tucows, Ting, OpenSRS, Enom and Hover are registered trademarks of Tucows Inc. or its subsidiaries.

Eligibility is assessed by the National Verifier form administered by the USAC. Existing customers deemed eligible will receive up to $ 50 per month on their bill. If your bill is less than $ 50 per month, your entire bill will be taken care of.

2An information sheet with the eligibility criteria is presented by the FCC at https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DOC-370355A1.pdf

SOURCE Tucows Inc.

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