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ARLINGTON, Texas, May 11, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Thrive Internet Marketing Agency recently released an eight-part guide describing everything you need to know about the Google Page Experience and Core Web Vitals update that launched in mid-June to ensure that companies are not negatively impacted by the algorithm change.

Thrive’s team of digital marketing experts have spent the past six months preparing their website for this major Google update and now share an intimate knowledge of what they’ve learned.

When Google announced this algorithm update over a year before the launch date, the entire Thrive team took notice. This unprecedented move by the search giant gave developers and SEO professionals enough time to prepare sites for this update. However, optimizing a website for this update takes a lot of time and effort, as well as trial and error.

Thrive’s expert development team has spent countless hours optimizing their website for this updated page experience. Project details are documented in a detailed eight-part online guide that walks you through each stage and rank signal.

Be warned, though: there are three new ranking signals that Google deems crucial for a great user experience, called Core Web Vitals. These are Cumulative Layout Offset (CLS), First Entry Delay (FID), and Largest Content Paint (LCP). These constitute three of the seven signals. The other four are HTTPS, Safe Browsing, Non-intrusive Interstitial, and Mobile Compatibility.

Thrive’s challenge was great when the process began November 2020: Improved 805 poor URLs and 428 URLs requiring improvement. But today, the website is ready with 0 poor URLs, 0 URLs for improvement, and 1,376 good mobile URLs and 1,047 good desktop URLs.

Thrive development team – led by a senior executive Amit Rana – used his 25 years of combined experience to master the optimization of each of the seven Google Page Experience ranking factors.

“By focusing on the metrics in this update, we were able to identify URLs that were recognized as having a good page experience,” said Rana. “The team then dived deep into specific pages that needed improvement, and through a series of iterations and performance monitoring, we were able to identify the changes that were improving the performance of the page and aligning them with the new ones. ranking signals. “

At April 19, Google announced a new launch date for mid-June 2021 and promised a gradual rollout of the update. This endeavor may seem overwhelming to business owners, but an expert development team can handle the details and ensure that any website is optimized to Google’s satisfaction before the update.

For more information on updating Google Page Experience, you can check out these recently released resources and guides below:

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The largest painting rich in content:

First entry delay:

Cumulative offset of the layout:

Mobile friendly:

Safe browsing:


No intrusive interstitials:

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