This is a beta world, keep learning and doing more: Sudhanshu Vats

“Capturing data in digital formats is the first and very important step for all businesses, because digitization provides you with crucial information and early analysis eventually brings automation and leads to the digitization of your entire business process,” said Sudhanshu Vats, Deputy General Manager. – Pidilite Industries Limited, at e4m TechManch 2022.

He was giving a keynote address on “An effective roadmap for digital transformation”.

According to Vats, “The third stage is digital transformation, which means a fundamental change in the things we do. Most industries in India are already in the second stage, which is digitalization. Some companies are going through all three stages by parallel.

After outlining three major steps leading to digital transformation, Vats further briefed the audience on three essential ingredients – smartphones, cloud services and social media – which are essential to achieve the transformation.

“Smartphones are almost ubiquitous and are becoming smarter and more affordable, providing great opportunities for marketers in developing countries. The mobile-first trend is also rapidly catching up with the developed world. Next are cloud services that provide real-time analytics, metaverses, and other things. The third aspect is social media,” he said.

Vats says that the lifespan of any social media platform is equal to one generation. The Insta generation will age and the younger generation will no longer use it. Then Snapchat and TikTok can replace it. The market allows you to choose your social platform, use it according to your needs and increase its longevity.

Deliberating on another aspect of digital transformation, which he called the “smart bucket,” Vats highlighted how virtual assistants, interfaces, the Internet of Things and network security have become building blocks of transformation. digital.

According to Vats, businesses need an intelligent virtual agent like Alexa. They either have to build one or use the one that already exists.

“That would be the first disturbance. Next is the smart interface – it can be 5G, AR, VR and other technologies for an immersive experience and learning. Augmented reality can work wonders in India where Bollywood is considered a religion. You can have star brand ambassadors having fun conversations with your consumers,” said Vats, adding that virtual reality has a huge role to play in industries like education, tourism, construction and real estate for an immersive experience.

Speaking on the smart grid, Vats said Blockchain network will make life easier and bring huge benefits in many fields.

Regarding smart objects, he cited an estimate that 20 billion objects will soon be connected worldwide through sensors and AI such as self-driving cars, drones, watches, etc.

“Having 20 billion connected objects in the world of seven billion people is a strong proposition that is exciting, challenging and frightening,” Vats said, pointing to an incident in Singapore where a drone tracked down a resident for lowering the mask. while talking on the phone during the height of the pandemic.

Intelligent security, or cybersecurity, is the biggest challenge of digitization and companies need to focus on this aspect as well, advised Vats.

“All businesses need these five big disruptions, some are already here, others are being built. the plumbing is good, the building is also good, don’t take shortcuts, use the right group of people and the right technique,” ​​Vats said.

“This is the beta world, keep learning and doing more. To level up, partner with someone,” he said, referring to how Viacom partnered with 42 partners, including Google, Amazon and a host of other Indian companies.

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