The subscribed calendar does not update in Hotmail – will it update in M365 Business?


I have a free Hotmail account that I currently use for my business (I’ve had the Hotmail account for years), and it’s also the account my Windows 10 Pro operating system is logged into.

I noticed about a month ago that the one and only calendar I subscribe to through this Hotmail account is no longer updating. So when a change is made to the subscribed calendar, it no longer updates on the Hotmail calendar where I added the subscription.

I tried to unsubscribe and re-subscribe, but the update is still not completed. I also created another free Outlook / Hotmail account and subscribed to this same calendar and it also does not update on this account.

So now I am considering M365 Business Standard plan to fix the calendar problem. So under this new M365 Business Standard account I would subscribe to this schedule again and hope it updates properly as it should.

Besides the calendar, a secondary reason for choosing the M365 Business Standard plan is to (finally) start using my own domain for my work email. I already have a website with my own domain.

The calendar I’m trying to subscribe to has the following URL: https: // key = 2tSEOkKK6kX ……………… (edited for a little privacy).

Will purchasing the M365 Business Standard plan solve the problem? Or is there something more fundamental going on here with calendar subscriptions?

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