The 6 best bookmark manager apps for Android

You’re on your phone scrolling, come across an interesting webpage, click the bookmark button, and move on. When the time comes when you need to navigate to a bookmark, you open up your library and have to scroll through countless bookmarks until you find what you are looking for.

It is a tedious process that we are all too guilty of doing. It’s time to break the never-ending curse of bookmarks with some of the best bookmark manager apps for Android.

1. Raindrop

Raindrop allows you to create collections and bookmark web pages. It provides a variety of organizational tools to sort your bookmarks based on your topics / interests.

Besides links, you can also add files like documents, photos, and videos to collections. Collections can be personalized and associated with icons, and you can personalize the bookmarks themselves with covers and screenshots.

Raindrop allows you to create two types of collections: public and private. Public collections can be viewed by anyone, while private collections are limited to you and people you authorize. You can share your collections with your colleagues and friends.

Bookmarks from your browsers can be easily imported and all your devices can be synced so your bookmarks are accessible.

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While the free version offers a lot, opting for Raindrop Pro grants nested collection functionality – you can create a collection within a collection. You have more cloud storage, permanent copies of your bookmarks, and additional tools to clean up your collections.

To download: Rain drop (Free in-app purchases available)

2. VisiMarks

VisiMarks allows you to save bookmarks in custom folders. Each is saved with a thumbnail of their website, making it easy for you to find your bookmarks and remember what the website was about. Data can easily be migrated to another device, allowing you to have your favorites anywhere.

You can save articles and web pages in a Read Later tab for later reading, and you can easily organize and sort your folders and add shortcuts to folders on your Home screen. The app can be used with any browser, you just need to share the link to the app to save it.

To download: VisiMarks (Free in-app purchases available)

Keeplink is another bookmark manager that allows you to organize your bookmarks into collections. The app only supports links, no file type can be added to a collection.

Collections can be personalized with icons, color schemes and background themes. You can add notes to detail a description of the collection, and a favorite tab exists to make your most visited bookmarks easily accessible.

You can secure private collections with a password and the backups are stored on your Google Drive. Bookmarks can be easily added while browsing the web, just like VisiMarks, you have to share the link to the app. This is a simple bookmark manager app that gets the job done.

To download: Keep the link (Free in-app purchases available)

4. Pocket

Pocket is an application created by Mozilla. The app is not a bookmarks manager in the traditional sense. Rather than links, it lets you save the content itself. It could be an article, video, tweet, or any other type of link.

The content is saved in a personalized space called a pocket. You can’t sort and save your bookmarks like a typical manager, and depending on the content you save, Pocket will recommend articles on similar topics.

Pocket was designed with a strong emphasis on the design of its layout. The company’s goal was to create a display that could provide a relaxing atmosphere while reading. It comes with a listen feature that lets you listen to any article you’ve recorded, making it a great way to catch up on your reading when you’re on the go or just stuck in traffic. .

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Content can only stay online as long as the website is live, so if you want to save your articles permanently, you will need to get Pocket Premium. Premium allows you to record all content as well as design your own custom reading layout if you wish. If you’re someone who frequently posts and bloggers, Pocket is for you.

To download: Poached (Free in-app purchases available)

5. Bookmark

The bookmark does exactly what its title says. The app is stand-alone, which means it doesn’t depend on any browser or device, making it easy to access bookmarks anywhere as long as you have the app.

You can bookmark web pages and store them in directories which you can customize as you like with descriptions and icons. It should be noted that the application is not multiplatform, being usable only on smartphones and not on desktops.

Besides the standard features of your bookmark manager, such as editing and organizing bookmarks, you can create groups and share bookmarks within that group, which makes the app ideal for working in a team. You can also save contacts and share bookmarks with recipients. The app is simple to use and is a great tool for teachers, managers, and team leaders.

To download: Bookmark (To free)

6. LinkStore

If none of the other bookmark managers are right for you, then LinkStore may be what you need. The app gives you all the basic bookmark organization features as well as the ability to rate and keep notes on your bookmarks.

Bookmarks are organized by custom categories and you can choose to make specific categories private, keeping your bookmarks hidden from anyone with your phone in their hands.

The app provides a timeline feature, allowing you to scroll through your bookmarks much like a social media feed. LinkStore is pushing its own unique brand on bookmark managers and this may be what you are looking for.

To download: LinkStore (Free in-app purchases available)

It’s time for the spring cleaning

We’ve all thought about sitting down and organizing our bookmarks, but seeing that crowded list makes us put it aside for another day. Well, it’s time to pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, sit down, and with those apps by your side, deal with the mess of bookmarks.


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