Strategy Analytics: Amazon’s Ring Remained On Top Of Video Doorbell Market In 2020


BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE) –In 2020, Amazon’s Ring sold more than 1.4 million video doorbells in 2020 to extend its lead over competitors and allow the company to consolidate at the top of the video doorbell market according to Strategy Analytics report, “Video Doorbell Global Market Shares – May 2021”.

Strategy Analytics reports that the top five video doorbell brands in the world at the end of 2020 are, in order: Ring, SkyBell, Google’s Nest, smart home provider Vivint, and Remo +. These five companies combined have sold more than 3 million cameras, or about 40% of the 7.9 million doorbells Strategy Analytics estimates were sold to consumers globally in 2020. At 1.4 million units, Ring alone sold almost as many video doorbells in 2020 as SkyBell (around 800,000), Nest (around 540,000), Vivint (around 190,000) and Remo + (around 160,000) combined. Level 2 companies ADT, Arlo, Zmodo, August and Anker’s Eufy round out the Global Top 10.

With the global pandemic forcing many consumers to stay at home, interest in smart home devices that easily and transparently monitor activity outside the home was in greater demand in 2020, building on on growing consumer demand in 2019. For some consumers, especially those who work, or educate, or both at home, self-installed video doorbells from Ring, Nest, ADT, Arlo and dozens of others brands have become a simple and effective way to minimize disruption during the day and keep tabs on merchandise deliveries. For households that subscribe to an interactive security system powered by or Vivint, a video doorbell has become the focal point of home security and the central hub for many security-focused smart home lights, as well. as smart lock scenes and routines.

Jack Narcotta, Senior Industry Analyst in Strategy Analytics’ Smart Home Strategy Advisory Service, said, “In 2019, Ring became the apple of the video doorbell market. In some ways, Ring is approaching generic brand status when it comes to video doorbells. Ring customers have shown they are all-in with the Ring brand, as evidenced by our estimates for Ring as the largest brand of smart home cameras. Video doorbell competitors are winning over Ring in terms of features and specifications. However, like Apple, Ring customers have remained very loyal to the brand. ”

Bill Ablondi, Director of Smart Home Strategy Consulting at Strategy Analytics, added, “The rules of the video doorbell market are changing. Consumers expect brands to have a range of video doorbell options in multiple price brands to meet their needs, budgets, or both. As brands divide their doorbell portfolios, the ground is set for market consolidation as the scales tilt in favor of larger companies, particularly Ring, which have strong brands in all price brackets, entry. range, mid-range or high-end. ”

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