Strategic analysis: autonomous vehicle simulations, impact of regulation, digital twinning and companies’ transition to their own intellectual property


BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE) –The report “Strategy Analytics Autonomous Vehicles Service (AVS)”, “Autonomous Vehicle Simulations: Why a Digital Twin is Needed in the Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem”, discusses, analyzes and tracks companies from different backgrounds and specializations of commercial technology, automotive suppliers, manufacturers, automotive suppliers, simulation experts, universities and start-ups that research, develop and test simulation technologies for autonomous vehicles.

The report describes the different types of simulations, open-source simulations, simulation tools, engineering simulations, driving simulators as well as the game engines used to create these types of simulation tool sets. Many automakers, OEMs, tech companies, and start-ups rely on simulations and graphics environments based on game engines such as Unit, Unreal Engine, Improbable, and Blender.

However, other tech companies and start-ups want to build their own engines and physical platforms for autonomous driving and autonomous vehicle simulations. Companies like AImotive and NVIDIA believe that game engines cannot provide the determinism, high fidelity, and physical and lighting conditions that an internal IP platform has to offer.

“We will see more and more tech companies, automakers and start-ups move to more internal simulations to enable very realistic graphics, cases and scenarios for autonomous vehicle technologies,” he said. said Angelos Lakrintis, Industrial Analyst at AVS.

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