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On July 14, 2021, the Alhambra City Council announced that the city was no longer able to manage the Alhambra Historical Society Museum and that it would soon be closed.

By Brandon Tran

City Council formed a subcommittee made up of Mayor Katherine Lee and City Councilor Jeffrey Maloney to research and review nonprofits to take over the museum and manage the artifacts.

Some Council members have expressed interest in having a local group take on this task, but this arrangement has not yet been confirmed. Neither Mayor Lee nor council member Maloney responded to emails sent by

Historical Society of the Alhambra

In 1966, the Alhambra Historical Society Inc was established to encourage and promote research and study of history and its relationship to the population and development of the Alhambra and the surrounding San Gabriel Valley. It was established as an archival and educational organization to collect, classify and disseminate historical data and facts.

The collection of artifacts is housed in the Eleven Room Museum (located at 1550 W Alhambra Road, corner of Alhambra Road and Bushnell Avenue). The collection includes many series of documents: Alhambra Polk City Directories from 1905 to 1964, Telephone Directories from 1882 to 2011 and Alhambra High School Directories from 1912 to the present. *

* Adapted from the museum’s web page

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