SoftSwiss: Why SEO is king for online casinos


When it comes to making sure your platform is reaching the right audience, search engine optimization is king. So says Anna Loiko, product owner of the online casino platform SoftSwiss, who highlighted how SoftSwiss helps customers improve their website rankings.

For those new to the concept of website ranking, SEO is the practice of writing and editing content to improve the site’s ranking in search engines. To rank sites, search engines like Google and Bing crawl and index the web to provide results for the queries of users searching the Internet.

But why is this so important? Well, the data has shown that about 90% of online experiences start with a search engine, while the top three Google search results account for 75% of all clicks. So of course, a high ranking has its advantages.

At SoftSwiss, we deploy a mix of tips and tricks to make sure our online casino customers appear at the top of search engine results. Let’s start with a few basics, which are the minimum essentials in terms of SEO optimization, that should be used on every project.

Meta titles, meta descriptions and headers

A meta title, which can sometimes be called a title tag, is the title of the page. This tag appears in a browser tab and is often displayed as a page title in search engine results.

A meta description is designed to create a brief description of the page; In search results, it is often displayed in the page description (code snippet). Meanwhile, headers – which are probably the most self-explanatory – are an organizational tool that guides your website visitors through your web content. Headers tell both search engines and website visitors what the pages are about.

What is the purpose of these? One of the most difficult tasks for search engines is to understand the content of your web page. So search engines use headers, description tags, and meta titles to find out a bit more about your website.

At SoftSwiss, our platform allows customers to use unique tags on all pages and configure tag templates for “Games” and “Game Providers” pages which we believe can help encourage gamers. to visit their site, thus directly impacting their ranking in search engines.

Internal links, Hreflang and XML Sitemap

One of the main SEO tools to use is internal links. Used as a means of directing traffic to other pages on the same site, internal links can help users easily navigate a platform, as well as determine the hierarchy and structure of the site.

On our platform, we can add internal links to text, site menus and in the end-to-end block in the footer of your page as well as links to other games.

When used correctly, internal links can help search engines crawl your site while helping distribute the link weight to more important pages. As a result, it can also help drive traffic and improve overall page rankings.

Meanwhile, Hreflang is an attribute interpreted by search engines used to clarify the linguistic and geographic targeting of a website.

When could you use it? Hreflang can be useful when you want to specify alternate language versions of your page. If you are not using Hreflang, the pages may be considered duplicates and Google will index one thing – what you don’t want. As you can imagine, this tool is a must have for online casinos with multiple locale settings.

By looking at your XML sitemap, we allow our customers to create individual sitemap.xml files for each region, vendor pages, and separate game pages.

This means that search engines can quickly crawl through each individual page, even if their internal link is not perfect. With these roadmaps, we can improve the ranking of our clients’ websites, help search engines better understand website structure while ensuring that content is discovered even faster.


Now let’s move on to the more advanced SEO tools. GTM is a system for managing JavaScript and HTML tags (code snippets) without the help of developers.

Using GTM, our online casino customers can add analytics services, A / B testing tools, online chats, and content substitution. Using the SoftSwiss platform, online casinos have an easy way to connect GTM – they can add a GTM ID to a “special place”, which means they can send GTM / GA events such as the registration / login, deposit / withdrawal, etc. at.

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web development technology that visually and functionally transforms a website into an application. As you can imagine, this can provide a unique user experience that will help drive traffic to your site.

As it can be installed on both desktop and mobile, it is available for casinos with the SoftSwiss interface only and can be used to increase player conversion and lifetime value metrics.

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