SEO Provider Launches White-Label AI Platform for Marketing Agencies with Patent-Pending CORE Technology

SEO Vendor has announced the launch of its new white label marketing platform which will serve SEO agencies, marketing companies and consultants worldwide. It is not only an all-in-one solution for all digital agencies, but its patent-pending technology will also allow agencies to generate high-converting results with the least amount of effort.

SEO Vendor has designed the innovative platform to help all agencies achieve their sales goals. The platform offers state-of-the-art sales features including Marketing Engine which will simplify all the processes required for lead generation, Lead Engine as a lead tracking tool and a white label store with solutions for all marketing needs SEO, PPC and Funnel, and Suite.

“At SEO Vendor, we strive to continually improve our service. Therefore, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new platform for our partner agencies. The new platform provides smarter reporting, access to our all-new selling engines, a vast new library of selling resources, and more,” said Jim Liu, owner of Vendor SEO.

According to Liu, this platform will help digital agencies easily manage their clients and leads, solving one of the biggest problems in the marketing services industry. The platform facilitates processes by providing an intelligent dashboard backed by patent-pending technology that can provide an overview of campaign status, rankings, marketing investment value and the progress of each campaign. Specifically, SEO Vendor is an innovative SEO feature that gives clients absolute control over their SEO strategy. They can use this feature to define the overall aggressiveness of their SEO strategy.

The platform is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and made more efficient through machine learning.

“We live in a world where machine learning and artificial intelligence are replacing nearly all forms of analytics and reporting, especially in business. And the huge role it plays in delivery processes,” said Jim said.

SEO Vendor has experts who meet with agency owners to discuss their goals, markets, and competitors. Additionally, SEO Vendor experts analyze and audit company websites. They then use the information gathered to identify key areas for improvement. Once done, their next step is to create unique and practical SEO strategies for businesses and implement them through the agency’s platform.

Whether a company has one campaign or multiple campaigns, the company has OEM partner programs that make ongoing management and enrollment easy.

Companies that register on the SEO Vendor platform will have access to the preliminary audit tool. This tool helps users quickly rate websites, get detailed analytics, and export branded PDF reports for their clients.

Digital marketers can use this platform to give their agencies an edge over their competitors in the marketing industry. SEO Vendor has invested heavily in technology, strategies, and expertise to maintain highly effective marketing campaigns that can last for over five years.

About the SEO Provider

SEO Vendor is a leading white label service provider with over 70 experts globally. The company has been providing white label SEO, content marketing and web development services for over 15 years. Plus, they offer amazing sales support and have an extensive sales library.

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