In retail, the first page of Google is everything. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services help you present yourself when your customers are looking for your products. No gibberish, just clearly actionable advice that drives sales.

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SEO goes fast. We follow changing trends and algorithms, and apply this knowledge to optimizing your site for sales

Whether it’s in-depth audits or helping you make minor but essential changes to your site, our SEO team adds tremendous value to your day-to-day digital presence. We’ll help you spot opportunities your competition missed and optimize product pages for a big increase in reach.

All of our SEO is backed by measurable results and a proven track record with major global brands. We know what works, so you can produce the kind of content that creates maximum trust with your key customers. Best of all, we’ll help you appear in searches and unlock new audiences entirely.

Achieving good organic search rankings isn’t always easy, especially in industries like B2B where content marketing is key to building the right relationships. Making sure you have the right expertise and a proven track record can be essential if you want to get the most out of one of the oldest and most trusted channels in online marketing.

Our experts follow SEO so you don’t have to

When Google likes your product pages, so do customers. Now you can get a simple tip that clearly describes everything you can do to improve your site’s SEO. From metadata and site structure to the intricacies of URL writing, we’ll help you expand your reach.

By using improvements such as the product schema, we can give you an edge over the competition by giving Google additional details about your business. This means better targeting, more traffic, and a huge boost to your products’ organic search rankings.

Large-scale optimization of top-notch product pages

For massive retail sites with hundreds or even thousands of individual products, dynamic product page optimization is a game-changer. We’ll make sure every latest ad meets the latest SEO guidelines, giving all of your products a better chance to appear in organic search.

Target keywords more accurately than ever. Make sure all of your ads are consistent and build customer trust by providing them with a recognizable experience. We can make sure your products show up when customers are at the most critical stages of their buying journey.

We called on several companies with no real change, no help or advice on what to do to improve. They also kept us away, so we didn’t really understand how to improve it either.

We then reached out to Google to see who, if any, they could recommend. After several phone calls, we decided to give AccuraCast a try.

We couldn’t be happier! They have helped increase our sales on the UK site. Since launching the campaign with him, we have sold a much greater variety of products than ever before. As for the European sites, we also had good sales from all the campaign sites there.

Steve Duffell – Paragon Microfiber

Develop the authority of your site through digital public relations and ethical backlinking

Link building gives your site a huge organic search boost. In the most competitive research markets, trust and respect are essential. We can develop your site’s backlink profile so that it is connected to the most trusted sources on the internet, using ethical techniques and high quality content.

All of our digital public relations are built around the latest guidelines from the search engines themselves. We’re in tune with how the internet works, adding our creative flair to develop imaginative strategies that people naturally love to interact with.

Your site can compete for the top spot in organic search

Knowing HTML secrets like schemas is like having SEO cheat codes. We’ll let Google know exactly what each section of your site is for, giving you the best chance to stand out from the competition in organic search. Now you can be sure that every last word on every product page adds tangible value to your business.

By working with our technical and content SEO experts, you will spot opportunities for your site to compete for top-notch real estate on the Internet. Together, we will develop a holistic SEO strategy that brings all the pieces together for dramatically increased reach.

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