SBI General Insurance unveils its “musical” logo


SBI General Insurance (SBIG) today launched its musical signature, establishing its Sonic brand identity. The new musical identity is a delightful symphony that embodies a modern and forward-looking attitude.

The company’s music identifier is intended to create a deep and multisensory experience for its customers and thus amplify its key messages of trust and support. The musical identifier will act as the musical signature of the brand, thus integrating the melody into the digital touchpoints. This sonic melody is a celebration of SBIG’s new brand identity that was launched last year.

Shefali Khalsa, Head – Brand & Corporate Communication, actions SBI General Insurance, “Sound has great power and can connect with people on a deeper level. Our music logo is designed to convey and succinctly resonate the SBIG brand presence and underline the brand promise of “Suraksha Aur BharosaDono”. The derived and launched sound is vibrant and energetic, indicating that SBI General is progressive.

SBI General having a solid base with multiple stages, this new sound identity will be another stage in the trajectory.

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