Santa Rosa PPC Agency Pushes Clients into the Arms of a Local Business

Bonsai Marketing, based in Santa Rosa, CA, is reaching out to help local businesses reinvigorate their online presence and engage their target audience. The agency uses the latest advances in online and digital marketing to help its clients connect with those looking for their products or services. Their team regularly executes strategies that touch on PPC, web design, SEO and more.

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, ads can be implemented on a variety of platforms, but it is generally recommended that businesses run such campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Bonsai Marketing can help clients conduct effective marketing campaigns with the goal of increasing sales and enquiries. Google Ads is the most popular PPC advertising system in the world, and the agency has extensive experience leveraging the tools it provides. However, this is only the beginning. The vast array of tools and expertise at their disposal has helped them build a reputation as the best PPC agency in Santa Rosa.

Likewise, although every business has different needs, Bonsai Marketing explains that a productive marketing campaign must be based on a good foundation. This means that any attempt to reach out to customers should be preceded (or accompanied) by ensuring that their eventual experience with the company will be positive. For example, a customer who sees an ad for a product they are interested in is likely to visit a landing page on the associated company’s website. This landing page, and the website as a whole, should be built to exacting standards – they should be attractive, functional, entice the customer to explore further, etc.

Bonsai Marketing adds that much of a website’s value often lies below the surface. Their team, for example, always creates custom websites or landing pages with the aim of optimizing them for speed and security, as well as meeting the demands of search engine algorithms (although agencies focus usually exclusively on Google as it has the largest share of search traffic).

Designing a website to align with search engine algorithms is known as search engine optimization (SEO), and it is a crucial aspect of Bonsai Marketing’s work. SEO can be used to push a business to the top of search results for certain phrases (called keywords), allowing it to organically attract customers over time, as the top results usually drive the traffic. The most important. Seeing a business at the top of a results page also builds a sense of trust in the customer, making them more likely to engage with the services they offer. This is especially vital if the business is looking to attract customers to its immediate vicinity.

A recent review by Paul B. offers insight into the agency’s approach to customer service and the overall value of their efforts. The client in question has only been with the agency for six months, but he already says he’s impressed with how Bonsai stands out from its peers.

“We’ve been working with Bryan and Bonsai Marketing for just over six months now,” the review explains. “We interviewed several internet marketing agencies before talking to Bonsai. It was clear after receiving a proposal and his strategy that he had the chops to really help us grow. None of the other agencies even talked about all of them. the local SEO tactics and campaigns he designed for us. Local listing optimization and the process of getting our Google Maps listing to the top of the page has been a huge source of income. Thank you, Bryan and the Bonsai team.

Bonsai Marketing understands that there are many businesses that have a lot to offer their respective communities, but are drowned out by the huge competition in their neighborhood, even from those who don’t sell the exact same services or products. The trick, according to the agency, is finding out what these companies are offering that is unique to them, and then making sure that fact can be seen by the right audience. In some cases, this unique factor lies in the product itself. In others, however, the brand, mission, etc. of the business can be a big part of what draws customers to their doors.

The agency warmly invites interested parties to contact Bryan Fikes of Bonsai Marketing if they wish to consult with an expert. More details regarding the agency’s areas of expertise can also be found on their website.


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