Recode Studios is now a Pvt Ltd and migrating to a digital marketing world


Businesses performed well in the offline market in 2019. But due to the pandemic, many have had to move their businesses elsewhere. Rethinking how technology might meet our needs is part of the big reset as businesses and governments contemplate a post-COVID-19 future.

In an ever expanding world, there has been a boom in the acceptance of internet marketing. When the pandemic hit the world, it resulted in losses across industries. People, on the other hand, quickly switched from offline marketing techniques to online marketing techniques. Recode Studios has completely embraced Internet Marketing as a way to grow its business.

Formerly known as Lush looks, the company changed its name to Recode Studios and is now a PVT LTD company. Previously, they provided services related to beauty products such as nail polish and eyeliners in the domestic market. Despite predictions that the virus would only be present for a short time, it spread quickly and ended lives.

The worsening market has forced many companies to close their businesses.
Therefore, the founders of Recode Studios came up with the idea of ​​researching the internet industry and re-establishing their brand in the online market, especially through influencer marketing on Instagram. They have rebuilt themselves as an e-commerce services platform.

Recode has released its software for iOS and Android users. They have over 30 beauty brands on board including Indulgeo Essentials, Power Gummies, Zobha, Farmstay and Shopaarel to name a few. The aim of the company is to never settle for the best and to seek new possibilities. They are now a community that serves many customers and seeks important feedback. With their committed and active staff, they provide the most reliable service to their customers.

In 2019, they even helped their suppliers explore and build an online marketplace. The brand sells skin care and cosmetics from various companies because they believe in the building process while helping others thrive alongside them.

When asked about the current market situation, one of the founders of Recode Studios said, “The situation is not normal, but we believe it will soon experience strong growth and return to normal. No brand will die under any circumstances if it offers a unique offer.

They set themselves apart from their competition by offering the most unique items, such as a vibrant selection of lipsticks, eyeliner and other cosmetic products. It is the first Indian company to market neon coatings. To give them meaning and suit everyone for a certain event, their lip colors are named after important days such as Rose Day, Propose Day, Monday, and Tuesday. They also provide high quality service, ensuring that the most promising products are available to stay competitive in the long run.

They continuously strive to achieve their goal of being one of the best ecommerce platforms. After overcoming adversity due to covid, the brand has risen stronger and better than its predecessor. Their purpose and vision for their new business model is extremely clear and defined, and the future of the company looks rather bright.

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