Ra Mi Ran comforts an indebted Lee Seo Jin in hilarious new poster for upcoming comedy-drama

TVING’s upcoming original drama “Internal Medicine Director Park” has released a new Lee Seo Jin and Ra Mi Ran poster!

Based on a webtoon, “Internal Medicine Director Park” is a reality-based comedy that depicts the “funny and sad” life of a doctor. Director Park (Lee Seo Jin) dreamed of becoming a real doctor, but he is agonizing between the art of medicine and his commercial abilities in a clinic with barely any patients.

Lee Seo Jin has already presented his drastic transformation into Director Park. Standing in the face of utter disaster, director Park will make viewers wonder if he will be able to change the fate of his clinic. Additionally, Ra Mi Ran will take on the role of his wife Sa Mo Rim and add additional comedy to the drama. She believes in home remedies more than her husband does, but her reckless and passionate support of Warden Park will cheer him up while making him more worried.

In the new poster, Director Park and Sa Mo Rim are surrounded by a nice pink background. Sa Mo Rim lovingly wraps her arms around her husband Director Park and wears an eye-catching look from head to toe, while Director Park looks pitiful with a sad expression. Sa Mo Rim tries to comfort him by gently raising his chin. With his money flying in the background and thoughts of his negative bank account and loans harassing him, director Park sheds a tear, sparking anticipation for his pitiful but hilarious story. The text on the poster reads: “Newly Opened Clinic Doctor, Rookie Director Park Survival Story to Escape Deficiency.” “

In particular, the poster arouses the anticipation of chemistry from Lee Seo Jin and Ra Mi Ran. Lee Seo Jin commented, “Needless to say, she is a very good actress. It was nice acting together, and it was also a lot of fun talking with her outside of the set. She is a refreshing actress. Ra Mi Ran remarked: “He has a tsundere (appearing cold on the outside, but warm on the inside) side taking care of yourself without appearing to be. He also knows a lot of things, so he will answer all your questions.

“Internal Medicine Director Park” will premiere on January 14, 2022 via TVING.

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