Plan Seo In Guk’s birthday party and we’ll reveal to you if he’ll invite you to his party or not.


Happy Birthday, Seo In Guk! The supremely talented singer-songwriter turned actor is now 34 years old (35 at Korean age). Seo In Guk was born in Ulsan, South Korea, into a nuclear family made up of his parents and a younger sister. Seo In Guk grew up in relative poverty, where his parents struggled to make ends meet.

He launched his singing career after winning the Superstar K reality show in 2009, then dove into comedy with “Reply 1997”. Since then he has starred in countless dramas’ Master’s Sun ‘,’ High School King of Savvy ‘,’ Hello Monster ‘,’ Squad 38 ‘,’ Shopping King Louie ‘,’ The Smile Has Left Your Eyes’ and ‘ Doom At Your Service ‘.

But have you wondered if Seo In Guk would invite you to his birthday party or not? Well, answer a few questions and we’ll reveal to you whether or not you’re attending Seo In Guk’s birthday party. Sounds easy and fun? Take the quiz now!

Take the quiz below:

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