Passion For Fashion And Revenge: 10 Standout Styles Of Seo Ye Ji In “Eve”

“Eve” is probably one of this summer’s most anticipated dramas, thanks to its intense revenge plot and an incredible cast. But there’s something even more dramatic than the story that makes viewers anticipate it even more. It’s the jaw-dropping fashion and makeup worn by Lee Ra El, played by Seo Ye Ji, that captivates the screen with her charismatic and alluring presence. She seeks justice for her father’s death and her mother’s displacement, making the powerful people involved pay for their misdeeds. And she does it while wearing high fashion. Seo Ye Ji wore an endless collection of stylish outfits, and there are sure to be many more in the upcoming episodes, but here’s a look at some of her best looks so far:

Sophisticated and structured workwear

Ra El has built a good reputation as one of the parent event coordinators at an exclusive kindergarten where the kids of the rich and famous hang out. It’s her job to meet the parents and organize social events, so it’s no wonder that most of her outfits look professional, clean, but with a touch of glamour. Her everyday workwear includes crisp button-up tops, matching suit pieces and minimal jewelry.

She also often pairs her outfits with fabulous long coats.

stunning dancer

What makes Ra El even more alluring is her talent as a dancer. Having spent time in Spain, she learned to speak different languages, learned to dance and mastered certain musical instruments. It gives her a worldly appeal, a woman who has traveled the world and lived her best life. But what many don’t know is that she is a mysterious figure with a secret plan. As a dancer, she wears glamorous and sparkling outfits on stage, and she does not forget to stay elegant even during practice.

Grand Entrance

Whether it’s a kindergarten orientation night or a high-profile social gathering at a mansion, Lee Ra El knows how to make an entrance. Everyone’s heads turn to her as she walks the ballroom in stylish outfits that show off her svelte figure.


Haute couture

Some designer masterpieces are meant for runways and photo shoots because of their otherworldly and extremely luxurious aesthetics. It’s probably not practical for everyday wear, but Ra El throws away all the fashion rulebooks. Every day is a track for Ra El. Are you attending a children’s party? She wears a green Eli Saab dress. A confrontation with Han So Ra (played by Yoo Sun)? She chooses a voluminous chiffon skirt with a matching tweed jacket from Korean fashion label J.Alley. Her dazzling fashion is meant to intimidate her enemies, and it’s been working out pretty well for her so far!

Classy black

To create a strong, sophisticated and cold image, Ra El often wears black with a touch of military style. The rigidity of her black outfits reflects her cold exterior, as she aims to protect herself from looking weak and naïve in the face of her opponents.

Casual look outside working hours

Even during his downtime, Ra El always looks uplifted while maintaining an air of ease. She wears looser outfits and adds everyday pieces like jeans and knitwear.

Big bows and ruffles

Two of her signature styles are pieces with big bows and dramatic ruffles. This adds volume and sophistication to his appearance, as his character wants to portray the image of someone who is elite and at the top of his game.

white silk

Ra El uses her charm to woo conglomerate CEO Kang Yoon Kyun (played by Park Byung Eun), and she wears a luxurious silk wardrobe that he can’t resist.

Royal Fascinators

To top it off, Ra El wears custom fascinators as a formal headgear. It adds uniqueness and elegance to her outfits.

Avant-garde make-up

Much like her wardrobe, her makeup styles are consistent with her larger-than-life fashion aesthetic. One of the standout looks are the bleached brows and green eyeliner topped with coral liner, which added color to her black outfit. Some K-netizens, however, have commented that this look can be too distracting for serious scenes. But despite the criticism, this style of makeup matches her character’s flair for the daring and the unexpected.

For her performance makeup, she wears more sparkle in her eye shadow than usual, adding a more glamorous and dazzling touch.

natural look

To balance out her other looks, Ra El wears understated makeup with an emphasis on her eyes. She pairs her winged tip and curled lashes with a matte lipstick, creating a more natural look.

Bonus: Han So Ra’s Fierce Style

When it comes to fashion, we can’t leave out her main rival, Han So Ra, who also offers equally stylish looks throughout the drama. Viewers are thrilled to see not only a battle of wits and power, but also who is best dressed among the two protagonists.

Who will win in the end? Or are they just playing a losing game? Catch the thrilling ride in “Eve” to find out!

look now

Hey Soompiers, which of Seo Ye Ji’s outfits stood out for you, and what’s your unforgettable moment from this drama? Let us know in the comments below!

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