Ong Seong Wu, Park Ho San, Seo Young Hee, and more bond over a cup of coffee in upcoming drama


KakaoTV’s upcoming drama “How about a cup of coffee?” (Literal translation) released new stills of the cast!

Based on a manhwa (Korean comic) by Heo Young Man, “How about a cup of coffee?” Talks about a young man named Kang Go Bi (Ong Seong Wu), whose passion for coffee led him to become a junior barista at a cafe owned by Park Seok (Park Ho San). This emotional human drama shows what Kang Go Bi learns about coffee and people through his work and tells the different stories of their neighborhood café patrons.

Park Ho San will play Park Seok, who runs the small 2Dae cafe, which only has room for three tables. With his firm beliefs and pride in his coffee, Park Seok is a coffee master who can make the ultimate espresso. Seo Young Hee will play the role of Kim Joo Hee, who warms the cold heart of Park Seok. As a music columnist, she helps plan the music playlist for 2Dae Coffee, unknowingly becoming a strong source of support for Park Seok. In order not to get attached, they pursue a relationship with no marriage in mind. In particular, Park Seok will kiss the injured Kim Joo Hee, showing a romantic side in addition to his role as a professional barista.

The new footage shows a romantic moment between Park Seok and Kim Joo Hee, sparking anticipation for a mature story about dating between adults. They will describe a free-spirited type of love, being lovers who are also like friends. The couple will also become a trusted source of support for rookie barista Kang Go Bi so he can learn more about coffee and life. With a cup of coffee in front of them, Park Seok and Kim Joo Hee exchange glances, lovingly share conversations together, and hold hands while comforting each other. They also show their professional side by working on their respective areas of expertise in coffee and music.

Additionally, Ong Seong Wu will transform into Kang Go Bi, who joins 2Dae Coffee with the dream of becoming a barista. Kim Joo Hee unwittingly ends up helping him along the way, joining 2Dae Coffee to support him in a different way than his mentor Park Seok.

Another interesting point to watch out for in the drama will be Kang Go Bi and Park Seok’s interactions with regular 2Dae Coffee customers. Chu Ye Jin plays Jung Ga Won, a high school student who dreams of becoming a pastry chef. She brings the bread and cookies she bakes for practice at 2Dae Coffee to share with Park Seok, Kang Go Bi and the other regulars. Jung Ga Won is a lovable and likeable character who helps adults converse with each other.

Kim Ye Eun plays webtoons author Ahn Mi Na, who is sensitive and awkward at times, especially with Kang Go Bi when he suddenly appears in 2Dae Coffee. She is close to Jung Ga Won and is also very interested in coffee. Always stalked by her deadline, Ahn Mi Na draws inspiration for her work from the small events of everyday life that unfold around her.

Song Jae Ryong will play blogger and coffee critic Choi Hurt, who gives direct reviews of coffee and coffee shops due to his excessive love for coffee. Although he is a harsh critic, Park Seok acknowledges him for his precise criticisms. Choi Hurt is also influential to the point that even famous cafes will fear his visit.

In addition to Park Seok and Kang Go Bi portraying family chemistry, the drama will follow the story of Kang Go Bi getting to know people and coffee. From the first episode, Jung Ga Won and Ahn Mi Na will play an important role in an incident suffered by Kang Go Bi while Choi Hurt will help fuel the growth of Kang Go Bi.

“How about a cup of coffee?” Will premiere on October 24 at 5:00 p.m. KST and air a total of 12 25-minute episodes every Thursday and Sunday at 5:00 p.m. KST via KakaoTV.

In the meantime, watch Ong Seong Wu in “More Than Friends” below:

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