Oh Yeon Seo is nothing but serious as Seo In Guk, Kang Mina and Kwak Si Yang are full of mischief in “Café Minamdang” Poster

KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Café Minamdang” has shared a new poster featuring the main leads!

Based on the popular web novel of the same name, “Café Minamdang” is a comedy-mystery starring Seo In Guk as Nam Han Joon, a fraudulent shaman who was a profiler. Oh Yeon Seo stars as Han Jae Hee, a violent crime unit detective with a passion for justice.

On June 15, the drama shared a new poster that depicts Nam Han Joon, Nam Hye Joon (Kang Mina), and Gong Soo Chul (Kwak Si Yang) giving off comedic vibes with their playful expressions. On the other hand, Han Jae Hee stands next to the folding screen with a serious look on his face, heightening the anticipation of the teamwork of people who are incredibly different from each other.

Nam Han Joon particularly draws attention with his colorful costume and accessories, while Han Jae Hee exudes the charisma of a detective with his long straight hair, all-black outfit, and fierce gaze.

Additionally, barista Gong Soo Chul holds a cup of coffee with a bright smile, while Nam Han Joon’s little sister Nam Hye Joon poses with cash in her hands. The text on the poster hints that it will be an exciting comic investigation involving a male shaman.

The production team hinted, “The way the characters, who are heavily equipped with irregularities and faults, practice justice will unfold in an interesting way. Expect character charms with strong individuality as well as the kind of synergy they will show.

“Café Minamdang” will premiere on June 27 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, check out Oh Yeon Seo in “Love With Flaws”:

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