Often overlooked SEO audit problems to boost your performance [Podcast]


Our host, Loren Baker, is joined by SEO analyst and expert, Joe Hall of Hall Analysis. Joe shares his ideas and everything you need to know to pass an SEO audit. What makes a website stand out? Do you – or your clients – make an elaborate effort to make your presence known?

With Joe’s vast experience working with the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups, strategy development and in-depth SEO analysis are in his back alley.

In this episode, Joe sheds light on often forgotten SEO audit issues, such as: recognizing your limits, having a strategic vs. tactical mindset, establishing best practices, and much more!


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  • 0:00 Presentation of the host
  • 0:20 Memories
  • 1:43 Does Joe use Ahrefs?
  • 3:05 Back when Joe started in SEO
  • 4:14 Who is Joe Hall
  • 7:52 Dealing with customer websites
  • 13:01 Truth about audit tools
  • 17:15 Strategy for getting clients to perform SEO audit and how to talk with developers gives more capacity and credit
  • 25:35 Joe’s Marketing
  • 28:19 Thoughts on redirects
  • 34:16 Make a redirection plan
  • 42:30 Joe’s Reflections on the Summer of Major Updates
  • 48:10 Aggregation of KPIs
  • 54:39 ​​Changes in the execution of SEO and AI roles
  • 1:00:23 SEO energy optimization

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