No. 5 because Portlanders created the app to get people off the grid

Long before developing the camping app that rose to the top of the Apple App Store and Google Play charts, Sarah Smith was just another Midwesterner drawn to Portland by the surrounding terrain. .

“There are so many places to camp,” she marvels. “You can go camping on the coast, in the mountains, near the wine region. That’s really why we started The Dyrt in the first place. We lived in a beautiful area and wanted to enjoy it, but not knowing exactly where to go, the options seemed overwhelming.

Appalled by the lack of information about campsites on the internet, Smith and her husband and CEO, Kevin Long, started The Dyrt in 2014 as a digital hub for underserved outdoor enthusiasts. (Web directories list area campsites, but Long compares using this minimal data to choosing an Airbnb rental by address alone.) Over 4 million images, videos and critical reviews generated by users at over 40,000 campsites. In Smith’s words, they “use technology to get away from technology”. And The Dyrt has a big tent.

Following a recent eight-figure capital investment, the company is doubling its workforce to approximately 30 members who are, literally, scattered across the country. While most businesses can return to business as usual, The Dyrt found that COVID-forced virtual cubicles fit perfectly with their corporate culture.

“The majority of our employees are still here in Portland,” Long reports, “but when the pandemic hit, we moved to an all-remote workforce that everyone loved. We increased the number of users of our website and apps by more than 100%. After tripling our income, it just didn’t make sense to go back to the office.

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