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Space Systems Command (SSC) officials and other bodies involved in Spatial awareness (SDA) will meet with traditional and non-traditional space industry professionals on July 28 in Colorado Springs to exchange ideas and methods for executing SDA missions at the next SSC Industryyoury day. To register, visit the SSC Front Door webpage.

The unclassified event will follow SSC’s traditional industry day approach, with a full program of government presentations from across the SDA community, including but not limited to, SSC acquisition deltas, US Space Command, SSC Commercial Services Entrance Gate and Officesthe JTF-SD Commercial Operations Cellthe USSF Space Defense Squadron 19, Air Force Research Laboratoryand many more.

In addition to the active participation of US Department of Defense and the intelligence community, industry days offer breakthroughs for non-traditional companies, which may not have robust business development teams and networks compared to larger defense companies”prime” contractors.

While July’s event follows the traditional Industry Day format, SPC’s Industry Day Series also includes “reverse industry“style events, where SSC officials and subject matter experts meet with commercial companies to discuss the various issues facing the US Space Force.

Strengthening industry partnerships and establishing valuable dialogue is essential as the space acquisition community seeks the most innovative and creative solutions to address the threat and challenges nation today faces in space.“said the col. Rich Kniseley, Head of Business Requirements and Architectures Divisionat SSC Space Systems Integration Office. “By listening to our industry partners and understanding their approaches and technological capabilities, it gives us a better idea of ​​how to focus our investments and we can leverage the best of the commercial space industry..”

Industry input helps shape how the USSF pursues these problem sets and helps identify what needs to be purchased“, said the lieutenant colonel. Vinny Pande, branch leader of the Persistent Tactical Sensing Branch in Spatial detection of SSC program executive office. “Reverse Industry Day is an opportunity for government to have a less active role of speaking and a more active role of listening to what industry has to offer – not just in terms of responding to a request for proposals or a solicitation, but what can industry offer to address the issues or capabilities sought by the government.”

Next month, the SSC Industry Days scheduled for August 24-25 will focus on Tactically Reactive Space on the Aerospace company campus at El Segundo, California.

Space Systems Command (SSC), headquartered at Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo, California, is the U.S. Space Force field command responsible for developing, acquiring, equipping, rapidly field and maintain lethal and resilient space capabilities. SSC’s mission capability areas include acquisition and launch operations, communications and positioning, navigation and timing (PNT), space-based sensing, command, control and combat management communications ( BMC3) and space domain awareness and combat power.

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