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(YourDigitalWall Editorial): – Metro Manila, Philippines June 30, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Turmeric is a plant in the ginger family that is used for cooking and medicinal purposes. Hailed for its effectiveness in relieving various health problems, it is popular among people with diabetes, skin problems, and many more. It is also a common ingredient in food supplements and is the main component of Mira Turmeric Products. Recently, the wellness brand made its flagship products available in Yoorekka’s online sales suite, allowing it to reach more customers nationwide.

Mira Turmeric Products advocates and promotes turmeric products like herbal teas and teas. It began its journey as a wellness brand when the owner, an organic advocate, trained in organic farming at the Agricultural Training Institute-International Training Center.

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Since then, the brand has grown and now exports its health products internationally to Malaysia and other neighboring territories. In addition to this, Mira’s turmeric products are also the preferred products for consumers at exhibitions and shows.

The store’s best-selling products include her turmeric infusion, classic salabat, and 12-in-1 herbal tea. All can be found and purchased at an affordable price in Yoorekka’s online sales suite.

Yoorekka’s online sales suite is divided into three platforms: Webmall Outlets, Yoorekka Deals, and Tiangge Center. All three platforms provide specific services that will meet the needs of the buyer. Webmall points of sale contain branded articles; the Yoorekka Deals section has products sold at wholesale prices, and the Tiangge Center offers items and merchandise from local markets.

Mira’s turmeric products can be found under the Yoorekka offers section.

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Now Yoorekka.com has rolled out a new feature, the online shopping suite that offers affordable, high-quality products from different brands and local sellers around the country. Perfect for budget-conscious shoppers, Yoorekka’s online sales suite is a virtual one-stop shop for those who want to save more and buy more. The suite is made up of the Webmall, Yoorekka Deals and Tiangge Center points of sale.

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