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All screens go digital! This was demonstrated on Wednesday July 06, 2022 in Lagos (Nigeria) during the Eskimi CMO Masterclass; speakers, panelists and attendees unanimously agreed that brands in Nigeria need to focus on the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) while embracing programmatic solutions at to achieve their marketing goals.

Eskimi is Nigeria’s largest programmatic platform; an ad-tech platform that allows independent brands and agencies to run programmatic ad campaigns across display, native, video, and more.

Vita Garifulina, Business Development Manager, Eskimi, delivered the keynote; emphasizing that startups and other aspiring entrepreneurs should learn from industry leaders in telecommunications, FCMGs, retail and device brands that leverage Eskimi metrics to drive marketing measurement in the areas of consumer awareness, interest, engagement and actions.

Vita Garifulina, giving the keynote address

These goals, she said, can be achieved through access to real-time data, focusing on the right KPIs, and implementing actionable data.

Statistically, Garifulina said that with an estimated population of 203.6 million in 2021 and 50% of them connected to the internet, the digital marketing industry in Nigeria has huge potential.

Eskimi CMO Nigeria Master Class 1
Eskimi CMO Nigeria Masterclass

According to the Statista 2021 report shared by Eskimi, Nigeria has 169.2 mobile phone connections representing about 83% of the population. Forty-two percent (42%) use the Internet representing 85.49 million people, while 27% of them are on social networks.

Eskimi CMO Nigeria Masterclass
Eskimi CMO Nigeria Masterclass

Speaking on the importance of the Eskimi CMO Masterclass, Garifulina said, “Eskimi observed market trends and potentials. We thought it was important to share the data with chief marketing officers (CMOs) and brands.

“So the masterclass was just about learning a bit more about marketing and digital marketing in particular. So, as a global company, we work differently and we believe in sharing knowledge. We want companies or local markets basically adapt new knowledge and experience and we want to localize it in a Nigerian market and that’s why we want to bring some local trends, global trends and then also love, adapt and help marketing professionals , digital professionals; anyone in the space to really grow and get the most out of their marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Nigeria
Digital Marketing Nigeria

What are some of these trends you see in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, so basically we have a population of over 200 million, and half of those people are online. This means that if your marketing strategy is based on online advertising, it means that you can reach a large number of people. Also, many people use cell phones. Mobile or online advertising is simply very important.

Digital Marketing Nigeria

“It’s like one of the takeaways and then compared to social media, only 27% of people are on social media. So that means if you’re building your digital advertising strategy, it can’t be based only on social advertising”.

She added that the company will continue to help brands leverage digital advertising to achieve their marketing goals.

Business Leader with Marketing Expertise, Lampe Omoyele; Managing Director, Nitro121 in his presentation at the Eskimi CMO Masterclass titled “Marketing in a digital world: the path to business growth and sustainability”, must not fail to understand the key words underlying the definition of marketing which he describes as “the identification or anticipation and satisfaction of customer needs and/or desires in a profitable manner”.

    Omoyele Lamp, speaking at the Eskimi CMO Masterclass
Omoyele Lamp, speaking at the Eskimi CMO Masterclass

Omoyele, who also acts as a partner, Lucent Consulting Company, further explained, “Marketing strategy is therefore the matrix of mutually reinforcing actions that help differentiate a brand in the minds of target customers and meet profitably meet customer needs or create desires”.

“Marketing in the digital world involves: “Today’s consumer is more connected than ever, with broader access and deeper engagement with content and brands, due to the proliferation of devices and platforms. -numerical forms.

“Content that was once only available to consumers through specific delivery methods (such as print, radio, and television) can now be obtained and delivered to consumers through multiple connected devices.

“This is driving the media revolution and blurring definitions of traditional media. Innovation in advertising will be key to success,” Omoyele told the 100 Most Influential Global Marketing Leaders 2018 (Global Marketing Congress) to attendees of the Eskimi CMO Masterclass, noting that marketing and advertising in a digital world will require skilled marketing teams. to innovate, interpret data to gain insights, engage with customers and communicate the latest marketing trends to develop an effective marketing strategy.

What are the digital marketing trends we are seeing in Nigeria?

“Digital marketing and its localization in Nigeria is growing. Thus, over the past 10 years, there has been significant growth. Thus, more and more companies and brands are using it; skills and abilities around marketing are developing. So, digital marketing is no longer just about social media, but that’s also why you have different dimensions and perspectives around marketing.

Team Eskimi
Team Eskimi

“The trend around social media is growing, but we’re also entering the space where there’s a high level of influencer marketing. We’re getting to the point where you’re talking about programmatic advertising, virtual reality, reality augmented, so different tools come into play in Nigeria.

Have we made much progress?

“I was talking about data analysis or data use. So while there has been progress, I think progress needs to be accelerated not only in terms of data availability, but also the ability to use data to make informed decisions. I also talk about how we mine data and how we generate actionable insights.

Asked about the future of digital marketing in Nigeria, Oluwatobi Adekunle, Marketing Manager at Eskimi Africa, said, “So it’s like asking; what is the future of marketing in Nigeria because digital marketing simply means the application of digital technology to marketing.

This therefore means that marketing has moved from traditional marketing to a new era of leveraging digital tools and technology to drive markets and business. Therefore, as technology evolves; As long as there is progress and improvement in technology, there will always be the Internet.

“So digital marketing is not going to stop. It can evolve as a profession; so as long as we have new tools, as long as we have people with different technologies to drive marketing initiatives and activities, digital marketing activities will always remain for digital marketers.

He said Eskimi believed in the Nigerian economy “and that’s why we will continue to educate people.”

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