Lee Do Hyun’s Youth Of May and Seo In Guk’s Doom At Your Service Face Off In Odds Battle


Youth of May and Doom at Your Service continued their neck-and-neck ranking battle as the only dramas in their time slot. Keep reading to find out.

Seo In Guk stars opposite Park Bo Young in Doom at Your Service (Photo Credit – Studio Dragon)

Monday-Tuesday drama ratings battle escalated with star Lee Do Hyun May Youth face to face against Seo In Guk starrer, Doom at your service. These are the only two dramas in their time slot currently airing. Against the events surrounding the uprising in Gwangju in May 1980, May Youth is a heartfelt romance between two young people who try to protect their love against all odds. On the other hand, Doom at your service is a fantastic romance between a supernatural being and a terminally ill woman, and how their hearts are drawn to each other, despite their differences.

Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young perform, Doom at your service started off with a bang, reaching nationwide average ratings of 4.1 percent with a peak of 4.9 percent for her first. Among viewers aged 20 to 49, the drama recorded a nationwide average audience of 2.1% with a peak of 2.8%, and in metropolitan areas it achieved an average rating of 4. , 2% with a peak of 5.2%. Doom At Your Service, scored slightly higher in the second episode with nationwide average ratings of 4.422%, a slight increase from its first ratings of 4.118%.

Meanwhile, the melodrama of Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si, May Youth which is already in its second week of airing and is doing well too. Episode 3 of May Youth had nationwide average scores of 4.0 and 5.1 percent. This is their highest ratings yet and also marked a slight increase from their all-time high of 3.7 and 4.7% for its second episode. However, ratings saw a slight drop in Episode 4 with nationally recorded average ratings of 3.2 and 4.4 percent.

Overall, both dramas are doing well and audiences love it.

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Where can you watch the dramas?

You can watch Doom At Your Service and Youth Of May on Viki, iQIYI, Viu, YouTube, Netflix, or other OTT platforms.

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