Kenny Clark Expands Minuteman Press Printing Franchise in McKinney, TX

Kenny Clark, Owner, Minuteman Press Franchise, McKinney, Texas.

DALLAS & MCKINNEY, TX – Minuteman Press in McKinney, TX is located at 1502 W. University Drive, Suite 111. Owner Kenny Clark has owned the local printing franchise since August 2014. Operating as a core business through the two Over the past few years, Kenny has steadily increased sales and helped other local businesses meet their evolving needs for personalized design, printing and marketing services.

Kenny says, “We have worked hard to serve our customers with everything they needed over the past two years and that hard work has paid off. I was born and raised in Texas, and one thing I did was stay open. I went to work everyday because I wanted to be there to answer the phone when other companies weren’t. If you could hear the relief in their voices when I answered the phone, you would understand how huge that personal touch and human connection was at that time.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to stay open as a core business, and being there for new and existing customers when they needed me the most was really an important key to the growth of our enterprise. Today, I am stronger than before the pandemic, and our customers are also stronger. -Kenny Clark, Owner, Minuteman Press Franchise, McKinney, Texas.

With eight years in the business under his belt, including two years of operating under unprecedented circumstances, Kenny is able to share his ideas and keys to growth for Minuteman Press at McKinney. He says, “We have a lot of products that are in great demand, and the key to our success is that we sell ourselves through our actions. We offer speed and service, as well as a job well done, whatever our customers’ needs may be.

He continues, “We provide custom graphic design services with a fast turnaround time, which in turn leads to rapid production of banners, signs, plans, business cards and stationery, and all that. that our clients need or wish to develop their business through increased notoriety and visibility. Direct mail has also been a growth point for us.

Why direct mail? Kenny explains, “I find print to be one of the absolute essentials in any marketing strategy. More than ever, we are seeing thousands of emails getting lost in the reshuffle and getting deleted. When you have something in your hand that you can physically hold and touch, you’re more likely to take a closer look. Emails can be swallowed up by spam filters and deleted with a click of a button, while direct mail has this unique ability to grab someone’s attention because it is in their hands.

“Right now, one of my biggest clients does direct mail campaigns with us more than any other type of product and service. They found that direct mail really worked for them and that Minuteman Press was the perfect local partner to help them design, print and distribute their messages to best reach their target audience. -Kenny Clark

When it comes to marketing his business, Kenny takes a multi-faceted approach. “I tell my team all the time, we don’t just go out and market for marketing. I like to say, ‘We quote it to win it.’ We really focused on our marketing on speed and service, and on direct conversations with our customers. We’re not the cheapest printer in McKinney, TX, but if you want a job done right, I’m your man.

Kenny also took advantage of proprietary Minuteman Press FLEX software and internet marketing resources at his disposal. “We’ve been using FLEX software all the time to do quotes for customers, and it’s a valuable tool in making sure we’re managing pricing and production properly. Specifically, I used the CSSP feature which helps me see how to properly price orders for quotes based on current price trends. A year and a half ago, I really started to step up our internet marketing, and it has also paid off in generating new business.

“The support from Minuteman Press International has been exactly what it was promised. My Regional Vice President Pete Scaglione and the local field team are there for me. When I call them they will jump through hoops to help me. If I email the IT team at Global Headquarters with a question about the FLEX software or anything else I need, I always get prompt responses with precise and detailed answers. We all have the same mindset and we are all in the same boat. -Kenny Clark

Before becoming a franchisee with Minuteman Press, Kenny saw his work in the electronics industry take him to travel the world. “I had a background in electronics, PCB manufacturing, and business development. Flying everywhere was getting really old very quickly and I wanted to be there for my kids. Minuteman Press helped me do this.

When asked about additional reasons Kenny chose to buy Minuteman Press from McKinney, Kenny replies, “In the end, the cost of buying a Minuteman Press franchise was reasonable and lower than most other franchises. . The majority of franchises have a philosophy of “the more you earn, the more we take”. Essentially you are being punished for having a successful franchise, but that is not the case with Minuteman Press International. Their royalty cap was the deciding factor for me to join Minuteman. I am allowed to keep more of my well-earned money and reinvest it in the business as I see fit.

Kenny continues, “The other thing that others don’t realize is the benefit of having low turnover because we hire skilled workers. I looked into the fast food industry, and there seemed to be too much turnover due to the nature of the job as well as other headaches that would impact weekends such as staffing as well as the food supply.

He adds, “Not having to worry about business on the weekends and having that freedom is huge. You can’t put a price on it.

For those looking for businesses, including Minuteman Press, Kenny’s advice is, “Ask yourself if you see yourself running the business you’re buying. Are you ready to do the job, too? The biggest mistake people make is that they open the business and hope that customers will just walk through your doors and come to you automatically. If you don’t go out and market, if you don’t rush, you’re not going to make it. You have to want it and follow the business model, go out and get it. All of your marketing efforts will return to you and pay off. I can attest to that. “

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