Jarafa launches its marketplace for resellers and wholesalers

DHAKA, Bangladesh, April 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, Jarafa announced the launch of its reseller and wholesaler marketplace in Bangladesh. Jarafa basically functions as a resale platform. The B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customers) business models are maintained by Jarafa. Simply put, resellers and wholesalers will be able to communicate clearly through Jarafa. Then anyone can sell and buy products from any part of the country. The main goal of Jarafa is to connect wholesalers and resellers using its website and app. All they have to do is click to earn money.

As well, Jarafa will offer a loans program in the near future as bank loans and other sources of finance are difficult to find at the primary level. Moreover, wholesalers and resellers are expected to gain a larger market to sell their products and earn much more than before without having to incur additional costs.

Md. Fahad, CEO of Jarafa said, “The Jarafa team will work tirelessly and sincerely to facilitate the creation of a safe and secure social commerce ecosystem. By using this strategy, both digital commerce and entrepreneurship will be stimulated to a greater extent. With the best technical and financial support available to our resellers and wholesalers, Jarafa hopes to achieve a solid and stable position within the next 2-3 years.” He continues: “Jarafa’s main mission is to develop an e-commerce environment that will enable digital businesses to grow and grow across the country. Ultimately, Jarafa aims to become a one-stop tool that helps businesses sell their products through Facebook and other social media platforms.”

Soon, Jarafa will act as a buffer between wholesalers and resellers, providing them with the best support and management systems to help them grow their business. In the near future, Jarafa hopes to have a full inventory of commercial products. Jarafa believes that every salesperson has a talent for a specific type of product. And by providing specific products to a variety of entrepreneurs, Jarafa’s motto is to evolve as a comprehensive business platform.

With Jarafa.com, users can dream big, work hard, and play harder to grow fast and gain a competitive edge in their field. Jarafa can help users start and grow an online business by providing the following services:

  • Marketplace without investment.
  • Wholesale pricing on high quality products.
  • Cash on delivery (COD) is available.
  • Ensure the fastest delivery system.
  • Invest and start users’ own product line with a small loan.
  • Suppliers, resellers, customers, couriers will receive individual sites (free domain), a dashboard to run everything.
  • An individual payment gateway will be provided to respective vendors, resellers, customers and couriers.

Jarafa aimed to fulfill users’ dreams by providing individual websites to users. That said, start their small business with Jarafa and make it profitable effortlessly.

About Jarafa: The company is headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Jarafa.com was founded knowing that small businesses are the backbone of Bangladesh’s economy, contributing 80% of its gross domestic product. Despite this, these businesses still operate offline and have not been successful online. Jarafa is convinced that the Bangladeshi economy will be truly digitized once small businesses succeed online, and they are dedicated to helping these businesses succeed.

Digitize Bangladesh; Jarafa offers resellers a complete and free e-commerce site to gain the trust of customers. In this way, resellers can also do business without investing. Jarafa hopes this will lead to many entrepreneurial activities in the e-commerce sector and play a key role in reducing unemployment in this country. It’s worth mentioning, ThemeLooks.com will work as a technology partner with Jarafa.com.

Moreover, although it attracts many middle-class housewives (ranging from 25 to 45 years old), this platform reaches a group of young and old, regardless of gender.

On the other hand, vendors can offer their products at a commission rate of zero percent (0%). Additionally, Jarafa also offers its own dashboards. With this feature, vendors can easily monitor their daily sales, product inventory, and revenue from their phones. Entrepreneurs and traders will be more interested in producing products, which will lead to the creation of new businesses.

Over time, the company realized that most online retailers were those who didn’t own physical stores but liked to sell products through social media. Obviously, small businesses will continue to operate this way in the future. Together, the team developed a marketplace that democratizes social commerce and empowers anyone to start a business. Today, it is estimated that their products have helped more than 100,000 entrepreneurs.

Together with the government, Jarafa strives to eradicate unemployment, create a credible and secure e-commerce market system and establish a digital Bangladesh.

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