Industry body ACCESS.SPACE Alliance says European space start-ups and SMEs still lack funding, customers and contracts


Industry body ACCESS.SPACE Alliance says European space start-ups and SMEs still lack funding, customers and contracts

Press release from: ACCESS SPACE
Posted: Tuesday October 19 2021

ACCESS SPACE Alliance (ASA), which represents the small satellite industry, has published a position paper on the current state of space finance in Europe. In the document, ASA states that start-ups and SMEs often lack clients and contracts to support their business and have difficulty finding public support and participating in large-scale or long-term space programs at the levels. European and national. It also remains difficult for space companies, especially for start-ups and SMEs that often do not have dedicated resources, to navigate even among available funding opportunities.

Comparing the financial situation with other parts of the world, ASA underlines that the number of space-related companies and the amounts of public and private investments are often higher than in Europe. The ASA recognizes that very few countries have developed comprehensive repositories of space-related entities, and that there is limited visibility in terms of number of companies, jobs, investments, growth and ownership and control.

Betty Bonnardel, founder and member of the board of directors of ASA, declared: “It is necessary to finance the space ecosystem well and to agree on concrete actions to support start-ups linked to space. That is why ACCESS SPACE proposes a number of political actions to tackle these problems with a sense of urgency ”.

One of ASA’s recommendations is the adoption of an innovation strategy for the new space in Europe, encompassing access to private and public capital and continuing to provide all the necessary support to start-ups and companies. SMEs. The ASA also suggests increasing the number of funding entities (venture capital firms, private equity firms and business angels), bridging the “valley of death” and focusing on areas where l ‘Europe can take the lead.

In order to improve access to funding, the ASA also recommends the creation of an official ‘one-stop-shop’ website providing access to all European public funding programs with digital tools to facilitate access and provide advice. .


Note to editors
The position paper is the result of the views expressed during the ASA webinar on financing space (22 April 2021), which was attended by representatives of the European Commission, the European Investment Fund (EIF ), the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Union Space Agency (ESA) and the private sector, and the second ASA conference in May this year ( v = UcfG1mmcdhU), which also included a session on financing the small space sector.

• The ASA position paper is available at: 20Position% 20on%20 Space% 20 Funding%2020211018.pdf

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The ACCESS SPACE Alliance is an international industrial organization bringing together the small satellite sector formed to promote a viable and self-sufficient ecosystem and to encourage and defend its development. We comment with authority and credibility on behalf of our members on policy as well as technical and commercial issues related to the small satellite industry. We encourage collaboration by creating dialogue and awareness, address key issues to develop the sector, and promote policies and standards on issues that concern and benefit our members. | | / access-space-alliance

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