How VIVO IPL on TV played a role in helping emerging brands become unicorns

VIVO IPL has become a platform of choice for emerging brands looking for mass distribution and maximum impact in a short duration. Several brands such as Swiggy, Policy Bazaar, Cred, Groww, Upstox and Pristyn Care have grown by leveraging the power of IPL on TV, helping them on their journey to becoming a unicorn. With avid cricket fans glued to TV during matches, IPL has been a go-to platform for brands to plan strategic brand building initiatives and drive tactical bottom of the funnel goals. IPL associations on broadcast have further enabled brands to create campaigns and engage with viewers through deep integrations and contextual messaging to increase brand likeability and awareness.

Add to that the second-screen phenomenon of viewers that persists at an event like VIVO IPL. Emerging brands are empowered to leverage IPL’s massive reach and attention on TV as well as second-screen interactivity to drive simultaneous results in the form of awareness, inquiries, downloads and conversions.

A good example is Pristyn Care, an online healthcare brand that has joined us in popularizing its key proposition of ‘surgery on demand’. As expected, the brand received outstanding results, both in terms of business impact and key brand metrics. The association has given Pristyn Care a platform to leverage the scale of Vivo IPL to raise awareness nationwide in a short time.

Along the same lines, Upstox, an emerging fintech brand, leveraged VIVO IPL on TV to move into a competitive segment and made significant gains that gave the brand momentum in its quest to become a unicorn. Upstox experienced a strong increase in downloads as well as a strong increase in its key brand metrics by partnering with VIVO IPL in broadcast.

In retrospect, emerging brands have reaped significant advantages in competitive categories through their associations with VIVO IPL on TV, leveraging the platform to rapidly expand their businesses regionally and nationally.

With the large-scale edition of the mega-event coming up, the league is giving brands additional national and regional exposure with two new major markets added and more matches played, presenting a compelling opportunity for emerging brands to expand. their reach in all markets. It’s time to rewrite history !

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