How to Submit Blogs to Directories and Increase Page Rankings


There are so many reasons why you should submit blogs to a directory. Not only will your site show up in search engine results, it will help it climb in the organic rankings. This is why more and more site owners are opting for this method of marketing their blogs instead of relying on pay-per-click methods or forum posts. And it’s not just webmasters, but even small online businesses are starting to opt for this technique. But before we discuss why you should submit blogs to a directory, let us know what a directory is first.

A directory is basically a website that contains other websites or web content. They can be based in the field of hobby, interest, or even any niche. Directories are known to contain all types of blogs you can think of and you can submit your blog to them.

Now that you know what a directory is and what it does, it’s time to explain why you should submit blogs to these sites. One of the most common reasons blog owners give for submitting to a directory is higher search engine rankings. The better the ranking, the more likely they are to get traffic. So if you want your blog to appear in search results, make sure you submit your blog to as many directories as possible. This is where the question of cost arises.

Search engine optimization can be a very difficult job if done correctly. For example, there are thousands of directory entries on any keyword phrase. So while your site may get higher rankings by being listed in a few directories, you might actually be hurting your SEO efforts if the site ends up showing up on thousands of other sites. That is why you should always submit your site to the best directory.

Of course, there are other compelling reasons why you should submit your site to a directory. You might want your site to appear in popular search engine results, or you might want your site to appear in natural listings. While both of these reasons are often true, directory submission is primarily used for SEO purposes. So if you really want your site to perform well in the search engines then submit your blog to a directory.

Like I said before, it doesn’t cost anything to submit your blog to a directory. You don’t even have to host your site there. Although it is free to submit a site to a directory, some directories charge a fee for their service. So if you want to know how to submit blogs to directories, I recommend that you search directory listings on free websites like Webtree or Blogger.

If you don’t want to spend the money just to get your site listed in a directory, there is another way to submit your site that is even easier than submitting it to directories. You can submit your site to free article directories. There are hundreds of free article directories online. All you need to do to submit your site is write an article on your site. Place a link to your site at the end of the article and submit the article to the article directory.

When you submit your site to directories, the search engines will then take note of your site’s information. This means that your site will be higher in the rankings if you decide to submit your site to directories. If you are looking to increase your blog’s exposure to search engines, submit it to a number of directories. Remember that quality articles will help your site climb higher in the page rankings. So focus on writing informative articles that will help readers understand your business.

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