How To Get Better Results For Your GMB Ad With Fewer Tools


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With a portfolio of agencies managing Google My Business (GMB) listings, compound customer acquisition and an accumulating workload, the birth of Local Viking was a baptism of fire.

We needed something that could start the containerization reporting journey, help our staff automate some of the mundane optimization activities, and lead the load into more accurate and sensible filing tracking for our clients.

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If you are looking for quick GMB management advice, then you might find our 15 Minute Marketing Methodology Case Study useful.

But if you really want to delve into some of the components in Local Viking that make it easier to manage GMB lists on a large scale, then read on.

Rank tracking (old-fashioned) no longer works

It might sound crazy, but in local SERPs it is absolutely true.

The above grid shows some areas of a customer’s service and where their GMB ranks within the specified section.

If you are already using a grid, we have a huge AZ GMB ranking guide that you can download for free.

Each of these nodes represents the position in which you see our client when searching from that specific coordinate on the map. Traditional rank tracking will extract results from a single GPS coordinate and display them without further context.

This means that any rank tracking for local SERPs that is not grid-based will be grossly incorrect.

Using a GeoGrid also gives us the ability to identify specific segments of the market in which we are underperforming, especially when we use additional layers of Business Intelligence.

We can then assume that leads in these areas would be beneficial for the success of our campaigns.

So, if your business / client is a high-end home improvement contractor, it is probably up to you to perform well in areas where home value, household income, etc. are the highest.

From a marketing team’s perspective, creating GIF reports also creates a convenient way to look at growth and gaps over time.

Seeing the visual impact of your local SEO efforts is great for making sure you’re on the right track and makes you look like a rockstar in your marketing meetings.

How To Get Better Results For Your GMB Ad With Fewer Tools

Traditional rank tracking doesn’t do all of this – and many systems whose visibility KPIs use these numbers are also inherently flawed.

Managing one is managing several

Having centralized management and automation is essential – whether you are considering the granularity of action items required when running a local SEO for a single location or planning a campaign for a franchise with over a thousand. of locations and the value of the labor warehouse needed to increase their visibility.

Juggling multiple software platforms is antithetical to how we optimize our agencies (or anything for that matter), so Local Viking’s goal, now and over time, is to allow you to “cut the cordon ”on a series of disjointed tools.

  • Rankings tracking tools.
  • GeoGrid ranking tracking tools (thermal mapping).
  • GMB Post Scheduler.
  • Image optimization tool.
  • Journal management.
  • Automated reporting tools.

The Local Viking Roadmap will look to replace even more tools and allow you to further centralize efforts as we continue to develop the platform.

  • Maneuver anywhere you manage without being slowed down by multiple connections or management platforms, allowing us to quickly analyze KPIs on one screen.
  • Make sure the campaigns have been deployed by your team or deploy with just one click.
  • And more.

How To Get Better Results For Your GMB Ad With Fewer Tools

Whether it’s managing customer campaigns, creating accounts receivable reports, quickly transmitting KPIs to marketing or business development teams, or actually managing the completion of marketing activities, we have an ever-evolving ecosystem that you can trust because it was truly built on the principles of “by us for us.”

Local Viking’s solutions are truly agency-driven – born out of necessity and enhanced through performance “in the trenches” versus opportunists with a development team focused on the SaaS model.

That’s why we’ve made it easy to complete tasks, both in bulk and for individual placements, which are essential for a healthy local SEO campaign.

GMB Post Scheduling offers many quality of life add-ons to facilitate intensive local content marketing plans.

How To Get Better Results For Your GMB Ad With Fewer Tools

Image optimization becomes scalable, automated, and scheduled to complement your local content strategy, page images on your website, and improving your GMB posts.

Whether you need to optimize and schedule a few images for one location or download and optimize thousands of images across hundreds of locations, we make it smooth and efficient.

We know that GMB reviews have a measurable impact on our local SEO, but the impact they have on conversions for the business is potentially greater.

If we navigate to our review command center in Local Viking, we can see a simple user interface that allows viewing and responding to your GMB reviews.

How To Get Better Results For Your GMB Ad With Fewer Tools

Centralizing reviews in one place where you can view and respond accordingly on behalf of the location will become a vital development in your organization.

We also have a very interesting integration going on with where you can use their software to generate reviews from your existing customer base, in an automated fashion. Once complete, we’ll redirect all of your exam data for your GMB into Local Viking so you can manage it on a large scale.

One of the essential things that can quickly become unmanageable for agencies and multi-site businesses is managing image optimization and delivery at any scale.

Juggling multiple tools makes this a heavy project that consumes many hours of work.

It no longer needs to be the case.

How To Get Better Results For Your GMB Ad With Fewer Tools

Our Bulk Image Engine allows you to create EXIF ​​templates, optimize image filenames, and schedule your images to post, whether from a file upload or drag-and-drop. drop off.

Full control over optimization, placement and planning in one place means hours of work using multiple tools.

If you want to see how many other ways you can reduce the number of tools you pay for and at the same time centralize your efforts and create the opportunity to get more done in less time, schedule a demo with the Viking team. local and let us show you.

Remember, we have a huge AZ GMB Rank Guide that you can download for free.

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