How Drivers Can Save Money On Auto Insurance With The Help Of Anti-Collision Technology


LOS ANGELES, October 26, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – has launched a new blog post that explains how accident prevention technology works and how it can help drivers save money on their auto insurance rates.

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Many newer car models are equipped with advanced collision avoidance systems. These advanced systems can prevent car crashes and save lives, by allowing the vehicle to detect other cars, obstacles or pedestrians approaching too close.

Some of the most popular systems used by drivers are:

  • Front collision prevention. These complex systems include sensors, radars, and cameras (including night vision cameras) that will scan the road ahead and emit audible or visual warnings when a car or obstacle is approaching too close. In some cases, these systems can brake automatically to avoid a collision.
  • Lane departure warning and assistance. This system will detect when a driver crosses the lane lines and give an audible warning when they do. Some advanced systems can take control of the brakes and steering wheel in order to carefully guide the car to the right lane.
  • Blind Spot Sensors will detect other vehicles in the driver’s blind spot and emit various light signals on the dashboard or rearview mirror.
  • Rear parking assist and collision avoidance systems will help drivers park safely without fear of hitting an obstacle or a person. In some cases, this system will break automatically in order to avoid a collision.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control will measure the distance between the driver’s car and the vehicle in front and determine speed. This system can adjust the speed of the car in order to maintain a safe driving distance.
  • Adaptive headlight systems involve headlights that pivot with the steering wheel to provide better visibility at night and on narrower roads.
  • Drowsiness detection systems can determine if a driver is becoming drowsy and issue warnings to help them get back on track.

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