How are aerospace consulting firms tackling the major challenges of the aerospace industry?


The aerospace industry is a major source of technological progress and innovation. It is important for national defense, facilitates safe and efficient air travel, improves communication and knowledge dissemination, and contributes to greater consumerism, better purchasing and globalization of the supply chain.

The aerospace industry has seen an impressive track record of achievement since the Wright Brothers’ first powered flight in 1903. It is no surprise that the positive track record and strength of the US aerospace industry make it one of the biggest contributors to the industry. employment in the manufacturing sector.

From the transformation of modern transportation to a man landing on the moon, it’s no surprise that the positive track record and strength of the U.S. aerospace industry makes it one of the biggest contributors to employment. in the manufacturing sector. So what are the main issues facing this organization?

Aerospace supply chain management

All manufacturing sub-sectors of the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry experienced growth over the past year, from commercial aerospace to cyberspace. According to Deloitte, annual global aircraft manufacturing is expected to increase by 25% over the next decade.

The aerospace fasteners market is expected to grow steadily, alongside the sourcing business on As major manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus improve production, demand for fasteners will soar, with a particular focus on titanium fasteners.

However, some suppliers are struggling to keep up with demand. Airbus and Boeing have ambitious production rates, with record order books for commercial OEMs supporting forward production for 8-10 years.

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Manage and retain a diverse workforce

The aerospace industry’s most valuable asset is its employees, with average compensation and benefits of $ 92,742 – far more than the average U.S. income of $ 49,389.

To remain a leader in the aerospace industry, developing a workforce with the capabilities required to compete globally is essential. Because the aerospace and defense industry’s products and services are unlike any other, it is diversifying its workforce into science, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

New approaches adopted across generations

The aviation industry is well established – Boeing has been around for over a century! The aerospace industry workforce is extremely seasoned and knowledgeable, as the industry is more evolutionary than revolutionary. However, retaining this knowledge while fostering collaboration and innovation between generations is a challenge.

While many manufacturing and industrial companies have adopted new technologies such as AI and robotics in their factories, many are still hesitant to accept a digital transformation in their sales and marketing departments. Marketing and sales were cited as a major difficulty by 22% of small business owners surveyed in the United States by Thomas.

Traditional methods of growth are no longer the only ones available. Companies need to provide continuing education to motivate the next generation of workers while ensuring that older workers are not left behind.

“On the advice of our main customer Boeing, we started our internet marketing using They informed me that was the first place their engineers looked for supplier information, ”according to a representative from Tiodize. “We are always looking for new ways to present our products to decision makers when they need them.

Aerospace Consulting is a quick and easy way for us to do this. Each year, we have gained more consumers while increasing our average sales per customer. is ideal for businesses without a national sales team.

Innovate in a hurry

New technologies are accelerating innovation while lowering barriers to entry in the aerospace industry. New companies are reinventing short-haul transport, while regional aircraft manufacturers are putting additional pressure on the entire commercial aviation industry. How can the industry and major OEMs take advantage of this faster innovation without compromising established and trusted processes? If the goal is to break the cost curve, one of the most effective methods is to capture, cultivate and deploy accelerated innovation.

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In the aerospace industry, gain a competitive advantage.

The A&D database is powerful and innovative, capable of providing a broad offering to leading companies in the industry. ESI, the custom metal stamping and assembly services company, has used new technology to expand its reach in the market, including leveraging the aerospace industry. What steps can you take as a supplier or manufacturer to ensure that your business is considered for aerospace and defense contracts? There are several paths to becoming a defense supplier, each with their own set of standards, such as ISO, ITAR, and First Article Inspection (FAI) certifications.

Good storytelling is always at the heart of every successful brand awareness campaign, as well as the key to converting prospects into customers. Every business, especially aerospace manufacturers, has a cause that’s important to their brand. Because we are all human, these causes are often important to consumers of the brand as well. The perfect stories start conversations, demonstrate your knowledge, and ultimately lead to more leads and sales.

The Aerospace Industries Association, for example, has made sustainability and green business practices a priority. Consider your company’s contribution to environmental sustainability and green manufacturing. How can you tell this story in a way that your customers understand? Showcase your green credentials on your website and use an inbound marketing strategy to support your content marketing efforts. After all, you want to get shortlisted and win the bidding process, don’t you?

Keeping your website up to date with certifications, registrations, sustainability efforts, and other topics important to the aerospace industry will ensure that your brand stands out during the review process.

Validation, verification and testing

On a daily basis, I discuss ways to accelerate the maturity of an engineering lifecycle and ways to work in a more agile manner, with lower costs and better collaboration in real time, while continuing a single thread. digital. Virtual testing, validation and verification, in my opinion, is one of the most important areas of focus. The day will come when obtaining certification will not require a truckload of documentation.

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