Honey Lee, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Won Geun and Jin Seo Yeon share their closing comments on “One The Woman”


The main cast of SBS’s “One the Woman” shared their closing comments as their drama aired its final episode!

“One the Woman” is a comedy-drama about a corrupt prosecutor named Jo Yeon Joo, who becomes amnesiac and changes his life with a chaebol daughter-in-law named Kang Mi Na, who looks exactly like her. The show scored high marks, ranking the week’s most-watched miniseries for 13 straight weeks and recording a personal best of 20.6%.

Honey Lee, who played the dual roles of Jo Yeon Joo and Kang Mi Na, said, “I think I always feel disappointed at the end of a project. I don’t want to say goodbye to the cast and crew I’ve worked with, and this is the last time I’ll play this character, and I say goodbye to viewers who loved “One the Woman” too. . I think I always feel both refreshed and regretful at the end. Not just me, but all of the cast and production staff worked hard, but I think it’s thanks to the viewers that our efforts were not in vain and were able to shine brightly. Thank you very much. ”She chose the turmoil in the church scene in Episode 2 as her most memorable scene and said,“ I remember thinking, ‘Is this really good?’ while we were filming it. It was in the script, so I was part of the filming faithfully as an actor, but the result is much better than I expected. A lot of people around me said that it was a very refreshing scene.

Lee Sang Yoon played Han Seung Wook, a third generation chaebol heir who returns to Korea to seek the truth about the mysterious death of his father. He said: “It’s like we’re breaking up the moment we became close friends and started to get along really well. I was happy to be able to shoot with such great people as the cast and crew, and I was grateful that people were entertained by the results. The shoot was full of fun and happiness until the end, so hopefully the energy will be passed on to the viewers as well. He chose his most memorable scene as the end scene in episode 10. “This is a scene that we filmed with the younger versions and the older versions of the characters together, and it contained one of the key points of the drama, ”he said.

Jin Seo Yeon played Han Sung Hye, the ruthless eldest daughter of the Hanju group. She said, “I played a villain in the drama, but I worked hard to make her look like a real person. I felt sorry for Sung Hye as someone who was in desperate need of love. It was an honor and a great pleasure to work on such an entertaining project. Thank you for liking “One the Woman”. All of the cast and crew treasured our happy memories of filming together and worked hard until the end. She chose the scene from Episode 9 where Jo Yeon Joo gets drunk and sits outside her house as the most memorable, and explained, “It’s not my scene, but Yeon Joo’s body language when she got drunk was so memorable and adorable. I thought it was amazing that [Honey Lee] didn’t try to make it pretty and made it look very natural. I think it was a digest of the main theme of “One the Woman”. It showed how the main characters put aside their deep sadness for the sake of their goals and for the sake of justice. “

Lee Won Geun played Ahn Yoo Joon, a young prosecutor close to Jo Yeon Joo. He said: “Thanks to the director, the screenwriter, the whole production team and the main actors, it was always a warm and happy setting. It has been a great honor and blessing for me to be able to work with such amazing people, as well as to have viewers sending us so much interest and support. “One the Woman” was a project that helped me become a better actor and a better person. I will not forget this gratitude and become an actor who can give it back thanks to my skills. Thank you.”

For his most memorable scene, he chose the bustle of the church in Episode 2 as Honey Lee, as well as the reunion of Jo Yeon Joo and his grandmother in the epilogue of Episode 12. “There is nothing more to say about Honey Lee’s avid acting,” he said. “The scenes are extremely opposed, but they showed the tone and color of our drama well. I also watched from a spectator’s point of view, laughed and cried. Regarding his own favorite scene, he chose the cart bar scene in Episode 9 and said, “In the script it’s a scene about silent comfort, but when I was shooting I could feel the weight and size of emotions. Thinking, ‘I also want to be loved’, I started to cry without realizing it. I love the scene because it showed that Yoo Joon’s feelings weren’t weak and how difficult and beautiful it was to be in unrequited love.

The final episode of “One the Woman” aired on November 6 at 10 p.m. KST.

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