Holiday season marketing strategies for small businesses that don’t cost too much

By Kamna Hazrati

Ease of doing business for MSMEs: Keeping your audience engaged during the holiday season is hard work, and companies continue to invent and grab customers’ attention with inventive marketing strategies.

The secret to effective festive promotions for small businesses is to keep it simple: promote a concept, a value, and a sentiment in every communication. If you own a growing business, consider these smart and effective vacation marketing strategies.

Email personalized festive greetings

Consumers should be treated like family! Create a personal email or write a handwritten note that pampers them with personalized holiday greetings, gift boxes, or a coupon that’s in their mailbox (if not at their address). This makes your customers aware of your business and increases word-of-mouth admiration in their local area and within their social circles. As a result, your potential audience and revenue will increase.

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Use social media

Your consumers and associates will first discover and learn about you through social media and your webpage. Maintain an active and innovative digital presence, particularly on social networks.

Provide free samples and offers

We now live in an experimental economy, where every product must be tried before it is accepted. This allows individuals to test the product before making a purchase. Essentially, by conducting product trials, you encourage consumers to rate your products. This, in turn, allows you to better understand your customer’s needs and provide the appropriate goods. Sending a free gift during the holiday season is a great way to grab their attention and at the same time get them to try out your product.

Discounts and deals are among the most popular marketing methods for festivals. E-commerce businesses are taking advantage of this by introducing Big Maha Bachat Sales, Festive Bonanza, and other promotions to boost their presence. Also, throughout the holiday season, customers typically stock their piggy banks for “sales.” Take advantage of this method for your business.

Participate in the online and offline community marketthis

Community marketing is a crucial aspect of internet marketing. Previously, off-site communities were established in the form of open-air markets, exhibitions, public markets, etc. All of these communities have also gone digital. People from a wide variety of backgrounds and nations come together on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to create a network of shared interests.

Spend your advertising budget wisely

Compared to traditional advertising (newspaper ads, radio ads, billboards, etc.), digital advertising is cheaper. Test ads can run with a small budget at first to make sure you are spending your money wisely. The answer will determine how much you need to increase your budget (depending on your needs) and ensure awareness of your business. However, keep in mind that consistency is key.


Small businesses may struggle to prepare for the holiday season, but don’t be discouraged. Yes, the risks are high and there is a lot to accomplish, but starting early will greatly increase your chances of success. As competition increases, more and more companies offer similar products with increased features, quality or price. Marketing companies use festivals as a way to promote their products during these times. This season’s festive marketing strategies can have a big impact on your audience in the (near) future, even when they’re subtle. Improve your marketing efforts and sales this holiday season with these holiday season marketing strategies and see a positive impact on your business!

Kamna Hazrati is a business consultant, advisor and founder at KH Advisory.

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