Han So Hee to replace Seo Ye Ji in the upcoming Island drama? Read his agency’s response to rumors


In the midst of the chaos brewing on “Island”, here’s another interesting news to discover.

Korean actress Han So Hee noticed that she looked chic in casual outfits. (Pic credits: News1)

The upcoming OCN and Studio Dragon drama, “ Island, ” is sadly still on hold after getting caught up in an actor controversy. Months ago it was reported that It’s okay not to be wellThe Seo Ye Ji star is reportedly starring in the lead female role, along with Kim Nam Gil in the latest OCN drama. However, as Seo Ye Ji was caught up in a vicious scandal, the company and the actress mutually agreed to step down from the show.

Today morning, May 12, K media reported that The world of the bride and groom Star Han So Hee has been cast for the lead role of Isle, replacing Seo Ye Ji. However, this is far from the truth. Another K-media outlet, Donga then clarified the news with the actress’ agency, 9AtoEntertainment. An agency source reportedly said the information was “unfounded”, in addition to saying it was a false report. According to the report, even representatives from Studio Dragon and OCN said the female lead role had yet to be decided and reiterated that the information in the report was false.

OCN Isle is another webtoon based drama with the genre of fantasy exorcism. It revolves around three characters – two men and a woman. A man named Pan who needs a wife to end his cursed life and another is an exorcist priest named John who lives with extreme guilt at not being able to protect his loved one. Then there is a woman called Won Mi Ho who is being targeted by goblins. As fate dictates, they reunite on a beautiful but evil island and end up protecting each other.

Kim Nam Gil will play a lead role, while ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo has reportedly viewed the offer for the other leader, in a positive light. According to reports, the drama is supposed to start filming in the summer, but there is no update on the airing schedule yet.

Meanwhile, Han So Hee will appear alongside Song Kang on JTBC’s new show, I know but.

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