Getting to the bottom of America’s forced labor claim in Top Glove


YOURSAY | “ Horrible working and living conditions should be mentioned but … ”

US Can Now Seize Top Glove Products After Forced Labor Finding Issued

IndigoKite6964: It would be good to publish the facts that were used for US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to come to the conclusion that Top Glove used forced labor for certain disposable gloves imported by the United States.

It is a fact that Top Glove provided overcrowded living conditions for foreign workers who helped generate their millions. Covid-19 infections that exploded in the face are a consequence.

Top Glove promised to improve the situation and “have learned their lessonWhether this is true or not, it is too early to tell.

In the event of forced labor, Malaysia should also sanction Top Glove and even stop its operations.

We all have the right not to buy anything that we think is wrong, just like the United States. However, an allegation of forced labor must be substantiated as it could also tarnish Malaysia’s image.

So what are our politicians doing about it? I guess they’re too busy trying to hang on to power.

The United States has its own issues of race and inequality. The harsh treatment of immigrants and the separation of children from their parents is beyond cruelty. Yet the United States calls forced labor inhumane.

Of course, yes, but there is a big difference between being treated badly and being cruel. This is the problem with the United States. They are a burnt pot complaining about the whipped bottom of all the other pots.

Pokokgetah: Horrible working and living conditions coupled with mediocre pay should be mentioned. But this alone does not constitute forced labor.

All over the world – and certainly in the West – people are complaining, “This job sucks. I will stop! And that is exactly what they are doing. They resigned.

It is only when they are forcibly prevented from resigning by their employer that this is called forced labor.

Many glove factory workers are kindly persuaded by recruiting agents to take out loans and perhaps mortgage their property for their passage to Malaysia.

When they find that the job is not what was promised, they are trapped and they continue to work in the factory to send money home to pay the loans taken out.

Basically, they are forced to stay because of the wrong decision they made at home before. If the employer does not prevent them from leaving, it is not forced labor.

Hobo60: The only thing to improve are the living conditions of the workers. Just build more dorms and provide other necessities to improve their living conditions.

If nothing is done to remedy the situation, no one can help Top Glove.

GrayFalcon6142: There is no forced labor at Top Glove. Workers are paid for their work, and they roam freely when not working and return their hard-earned money home.

The dormitories of foreign workers are not guarded by any “mandor” (supervisor) equipped with a whip. If they are mistreated, they have many avenues to file a complaint.

This claim of “forced labor” is utterly disgusting. Now, I’m pretty sure the United States is using the same standard to penalize profitable companies and countries that don’t bow to their global dominance.

The United States should visit the working conditions of workers in India in some manufacturing plants.

VioletHawk6700: The United States is the only country in the world that can fire any worker on site without cause or reason. This situation opens the door to accusations of abuse and exploitation of workers. There are also many undocumented migrant workers in the United States – aren’t these considered “forced labor” as well?

Do you think these workers in the United States are given housing and paid minimum wage? Is this demand for forced labor an excuse to “steal” Top Glove products?

MPJY: The United States is a great country. Being such a large country, there are pockets of regions that have all kinds of problems. But they tackle their issues once they surface. The country may not be perfect, but at least there is transparency.

Malaysia also has all kinds of problems – we practice double standards, the country is ruled by “ unelected ” parties, there is a lack of transparency, etc.

In many ways, Malaysia is the world’s joke. So it looks like we are being bullied and it can be difficult to find allies on our side.

MokhtarAhmad: The most important question we must ask ourselves is, how are the workers at Top Glove treated? If there is an international cry of abuse, then we should investigate.

To get angry with the United States or any other country without investigating first is stupidity. Let us prove to the world that we are above the board and that we do not tolerate abuse regardless of nationality or status.

Optimus: Top Glove could escape much tougher penalties from local authorities, as the raids on workers’ dormitories have shown and therefore continues to take advantage of migrant workers.

So it takes authorities in another country to teach Top Glove a painful lesson so as not to just make lip-service and put profit above all else.

Just a malay: The United States is intimidating a small country like Malaysia and is trying to destroy our only major export after raising doubts about our palm oil.

The global threat to our country is real. Malays of all races must work hard to build their strength and resilience in order to fight against global hegemony.

Leaders who use religion and race to divide and rule this country should be rejected. Malaysia can only be a world beater when all the races work together.

It’s time to clean up corrupt and racist politicians before we all sink into the abyss.

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