Get builders, accommodations, domains and more with IONOS Black Friday deals

This Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, the giant of the web industry IONOS has a wide range of offers on its products. Ranked among the best website builders and competing with the best web hosting services, IONOS also offers domains, SSL certificates and more for those who want to get connected.

Known as one of the best cheap web hosting providers, IONOS definitely lives up to this marker with its Black Friday deals across the board. When it comes to website builders, its MyWebsite builder is competitive and our review of 1 & 1 IONOS MyWebsite found that it offers professional, affordable website building and online stores in a tough market.

Moving on to deals: IONOS ‘range of Black Friday promotions are available from November 26 up to November 30, so be sure to take advantage of it before the end of this period.

He made his Ecommerce Website Builder Plus package available for $ 5 per month for the first year, while its MyWebsite Creator website creation plan is also currently $ 5 per month for the first year too.

A website needs a domain, and online stores can benefit from specific e-commerce domains: IONOS has these too and made the .store and .shop domains available for $ 1 per year for the first year that you are online.

In terms of web hosting, IONOS has made its Essential web hosting offer available for $ 1 per month for the first year. When it comes to hosting, you will need an SSL certificate to gain the trust of customers and visitors, and IONOS offers an SSL certificate for $ 15 for the first year.

Finally, IONOS now relies on the best of cloud storage with its HiDrive platform, and for this period alone you can take advantage of its Business cloud storage plan, offering 1 TB of storage, for $ 1 per month for the first year.

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Take a look at the IONOS web hosting offers:

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What is a website builder?

A website builder helps you build a site regardless of your level of experience. Ranging from simple platforms to powerful editors, they come equipped with a drag and drop editor, template library, and additional tools.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting allows you to rent an online server space where the content of your site is hosted (images, videos or text). When visited by a user, all of these resources are loaded onto their device from your host’s server.

A dedicated provider allows you to access its servers by subscription, each server containing the storage space and bandwidth needed to host one or more sites.

Not all businesses or individuals can host their own servers, as this would be too expensive and inefficient. Web hosts have huge data centers around the world that contain these servers, and web hosts allow access to these resources for a fee.

There are different types of accommodation available at different prices and for different needs. Shared hosting is the most cost effective and sees resources shared on a server between multiple sites, while at the other end of the scale expensive dedicated hosting provides dedicated servers for large websites.

Shared hosting plans offer low cost web hosting, although many providers are now competitively priced cloud hosting, managed hosting, and virtual private server (VPS) hosting.

Next Steps After Choosing A Website Builder And Web Hosting

Once you have started the process of choosing a web hosting provider and learned how to build a website from scratch, it is best to check out the best website builders and services in the world. Web hosting. Until you know what types of builder and hosting you will need, you shouldn’t go for anything else.

Once you have identified the type of web hosting that you need, you can research the best providers among these types. Be sure to check out our guides to the best unlimited hosting and the best cheap web hosting before doing so to get the best value for your money.

After that, check out our guides to the best WordPress hosting, the best VPS hosting and the best cloud hosting to see which we have ranked the best.

Now that you’ve got the hosting sorted out, choosing a website builder may take you down a different path: you might need one of the best ecommerce website builders, or maybe you just need one. one of the best small business website builders. It is worth learning how to build an eCommerce website; see what are the main tools and foundations of a small business website; and learn why you need a small business site.

Once your site is built and your hosting is sorted, other areas to consider include how to choose a domain name and what to consider when registering a domain. Undertaking a mobile-friendly website design means understanding what AMP is, while learning what website cookies are can help you make sense of customer data. Finding out what SEO is will help your content creation increase traffic (and maybe your profits too).

Finally, before you go live, make sure you know how to make your website accessible, as you need to consider everyone who might be viewing your site. All of these will be important to the success of your site once you build it.

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