Gas-O-Fast renews its association with the southern market of Brahmanandam

Gas-O-Fast, an Ayurvedic antacid brand from Mankind Pharma, continued its association with Brahmanandam as its regional brand ambassador for South India. The brand will launch a TVC featuring Brahmanandam, which will soon be rolling out across mainstream media platforms to mark the launch of Gas-O-Fast’s new line of flavors.

The brand continued its association with Brahmanandam, which will help the brand intensify its regional routes and connect with its audience, the company said.

Speaking on the association, Brahmanandam said, “I am delighted that our association has continued for years. In today’s lifestyle, stomach related issues such as gas, acidity, and indigestion have become quite common. For all these problems, Gas-O-Fast gives fast relief. We are confident that our association will help the brand reach new heights in the southern market.

Speaking of the campaign, Joy Chatterjee, Managing Director, Sales and Marketing of Mankind Pharma, “We are pleased to continue our association with one of the best players in the southern market. We are convinced that our association will help us explore new avenues in the market. We are committed to increasing product visibility in the southern market and creating priority recall value as a potential solution to all your stomach-related issues.

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