Flutura and Petrogenium Announce Global Partnership, Delivering Unprecedented Value to Customers Through Their Unique Energy and Digitalization Expertise

HOUSTON, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Flutura Business Solutions LLC, a HoustonNew York-based IoT industrial intelligence provider, today announced a multi-year agreement with Petrogenium UNITED STATES LLC, a leading energy consulting firm, to provide fully integrated and digitized projects, products and services. This agreement brings together the unique expertise of Petrogenium, with more than 300 years of collective expertise in the oil and gas sector, and the next generation expertise of Flutura in the field of digitalization of the energy sector.

“Flutura is delivering a blueprint for a future of digitization for our customers, working from equipment to process to system level,” said Paul NewmanPresident of Petrogenium UNITED STATES LLC. “Many companies are still struggling to take off digitalization to deliver both value and scale. Petrogenium with Futura can provide deep engineering and domain expertise, combining operational knowledge with the fundamentals of Flutura in economics and data science. We have partnered to deliver maximum value to our clients. The result is profitable operations that meet current shareholder demands, while reducing the risks of future operations and reducing the time to This is a win-win situation for our customers.

Flutura, an energetic artificial intelligence company bringing its customers into the digital age, is powering large-scale operational transformation using its industry-pioneering solution, Cerebra Cognitive Digital Twin. Flutura’s Cerebra industrial AI solutions portfolio, rated #1 by customers in the industry’s gold standard, Gartner’s Voice of Customer research, leverages deep artificial intelligence/learning capabilities verticalized machines to improve operational efficiency and system reliability to support organizations in their digitization and energy. Transition trips.

“We are delighted to partner with Petrogenium,” said Srikanth Muralidhara, co-founder and Chief Customer Officer of Flutura. “With its deep expertise in process excellence and first-quartile refining performance, Petrogenium is an excellent partner to transform digitalization efforts in the energy industry. Our combined expertise can help energy and manufacturing companies derive significant value from their current operation,” he said. “With the current focus on how to operationalize the energy transition, the industry is at an inflection point. This agreement will contribute to a smooth transition during this time of rapid change and resilience.”

About Petrogenium UNITED STATES SARL

Petrogenium offers over a century of collective subject matter expertise, combined with a unique operator-ownership mindset. “We understand what our customers are going through, because we’ve put ourselves in their shoes and made these tough decisions before,” says Paul NewmanPresident of Petrogenium UNITED STATES. “We can bring our experience in asset ownership to solve today’s challenges for operators, decide where to invest their resources to ensure continued profitability and reduce their carbon footprint.”

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About Flutura Business Solutions LLC

Flutura is a pioneering industrial AI company focused on delivering high-value business outcomes for the energy, chemical, process manufacturing and heavy engineering industries. Its industry-leading Cerebra platform has advanced capabilities to integrate first-principles and machine learning-based models to generate actionable business insights for reliability, production excellence, supply chain and quality functions to impact the performance, availability and sustainability of industrial facilities. Flutura’s vision is to unlock $1 billion in results for its customers and enable 100,000 industrial engineers to leverage data science to solve engineering problems.

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