ELEV8-Miami 2021 keynote speakers will include Brock Pierce and Michael Terpin


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Sheridan, WY, May 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain thread) Appliqate Inc. (OTC: APQT) announces ELEV8-Miami 2021 Keynote speakers. Brock Pierce is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a long history of building, advising and investing in disruptive companies. He is credited with pioneering the digital currency market and raising over $ 5 billion for the companies he founded. Pierce is Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and co-founder of EOS Alliance, Block.one, Blockchain Capital, Tether, and Mastercoin (first ICO).

Pierce is one of the early investors in Bitcoin and one of the largest investors in the Ethereum crowdsale. He is the founder of IMI Exchange, the world’s leading digital currency marketplace for games, with annual sales of over $ 1 billion and investors such as Goldman Sachs, which in 2016 sold for over $ 100 million. of dollars. Pierce founded ZAM, one of the world’s largest multimedia properties for gamers, acquired by Tencent in 2012. In addition, he founded IGE, the pioneer of digital currency in online games, achieving revenues exceeding 100 million dollars in 2006 and sold in 2007. Also co-founder of D10e, GoCoin, Blade Payments, Five Delta (sold NASDAQ: SRAX), Xfire 2.0, Playsino, Evertune, GamesTV and DEN. He also advises Airswap, Bancor, BitGo, BitGuild, BlockV, Bloq, DNA, Element Group, Metronome, Shyft and tZERO.

Michael Terpin is a serial entrepreneur who has founded leading companies in public relations, internet marketing, digital innovation, cryptocurrency, and newswire distribution. He is well known for his current role as Founder and CEO of Transform PR, the global leader in blockchain and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) public relations and advisory services that has represented more than 40 ICOs. Terpin is also known for co-founding Marketwired, the internet company’s first news wire, which was acquired for over $ 35 million in 2006. Michael Terpin founded Flight.VC (Bitcoin Syndicate), the first and most large syndicate of angels to invest in bitcoin and cryptocurrency related companies. His other two partners in the business are Nick Sullivan, Founder / CEO of ChangeTip, and Gil Penchina, the # 1 Angel on AngelList, whose Flight.VC has more than a dozen unions on AngelList. In 2014, the syndicate finalized its participation in three high-level agreements (Blockstream, Bonafide and GoCoin). The union has been one of the top 20 (and often in the top 10) unions since its inception, with nearly $ 1 million per deal in a soft circle.

ELEV8-Miami 2021 taking place June 2-3 during Bitcoin Week at Wynwood Garage, discussing the latest investment trends and opportunities for digital assets, NFTs, ALT Coins, blockchain adoption, crypto -currencies and the state of the institutional and retail market. The conference has over 20 speakers and will feature dynamic workshops, panel discussions, presentations, case studies and networking events.

The initial range of speaker functionality; Michael Terpin, CEO of Transform Group; Brock Pierce, Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist, Jesus Rodriguez, CEO of Into the Block, Crystal Rose, CEO and Founder of MakeSense Labs, Gerard Dache, Founder of Government Blockchain Association, Zach Wildes, Celsius Community Leader, Roberto Machado, BetaBlocks CEOs, Sheldon Evans, Youtuber and Crypto Enthusiast, Santana Moss and Matt Shapiro, former NFL-National Football League players, Charles Silver, founder of Permission.io. Steve Masur, Partner, Masur, Masur Griffitts Avidor LLP, Maggie Wu, CEO and Founder, Kryptial Capital.

Roundtables, presentations, case studies and networking events will take place
over two days in Miami. On June 2, there will be a welcome reception and networking
event for participants and speakers. Attendees will leave the conference with an understanding of how decentralized finance continues to impact issues such as liquidity, derivatives, trading, and infrastructure.

The conference will cover a wide variety of discussions related to digital assets, including token promises, news about the NFT explosion, the impact of cryptocurrency adoption on government, a deep dive into Challenge analysis, how CryptoMarkets work with financial institutions, and more.

Participants will include institutions considering deploying capital in the crypto markets, including angel / venture investors, ETF managers, financial advisers / wealth managers, hedge funds, insurance companies, mutual funds, pension funds, private equity, research analysts, RIAs, etc.

A reduction will be offered on registrations paid in bitcoin until June 1, 2021

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About ELEV8: ELEV8 an Appliqate Company has a vision that new emerging technologies such as digital assets, cryptocurrencies, AI and blockchain are creating a more interconnected global economic ecosystem, striving to eliminate barriers to growth and create increased value for stakeholders across sectors. We believe that future technologies will form the basis of new economic systems that are more efficient, more open and more accessible. Our mission is to enable this advancement with industry research, the distribution of the most recent news and the organization of industry events that bring together leaders at the forefront of shaping the future of emerging technologies. . Our platform is home to the world’s leading technology experts; we collaborate with industry stakeholders in vertical markets and openly share information. ELEV8 is at the forefront of shaping the future. Check out ELEV8’s research and industry content here: www.elev8con.com

About Appliqate Inc: Appliqate Inc is a publicly traded technology development company that provides businesses, executives and investors with access to capital and innovative solutions using platforms and business models to disrupt industrial sectors. With a focus on media, blockchain, live entertainment and intellectual property, the company is accelerating the growth of technology solutions in these markets. Appliqate’s leadership team represents a unique combination of expertise in technology development, operations, investment, finance and transactions.

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