Ed Elkins SEO Continues to Help Small Businesses in Mesa, AZ Improve Their Brand’s Online Presence During COVID-19 Pandemic


Mesa, AZ – COVID-19 has proven that small business owners need to update their customer acquisition strategies if they are to thrive, adapt and compete in today’s business climate. In the past, advertisers would spend months planning an activity and implementing it. However, today’s market demands speed, convenience and efficiency to stay ahead of the competition. To thrive in an environment that requires flexible marketing strategies, small business owners must take a holistic approach, including SEO.

SEO, website design, and digital marketing services are complicated with many moving parts that can be difficult to unlearn and relearn. That’s why small business owners in Mesa need a local SEO partner like Ed Elkins SEO who cares about their bottom line and budget. While many agencies believe SEO is the only tool to drive growth and increase revenue, Ed Elkins SEO believes SEO is just one tool in the marketing toolbox. As a small business that helps other small businesses, the digital marketing agency maximizes the use of strategies that increase brand awareness, increase leads, and attract new customers while offering website design and a wide range of digital marketing strategies.

Former lawyer Ed Elkins, founder of Ed Elkins SEO, has spent the past 10 years doing SEO and web design for small businesses in different industries. He started his career as an entertainment lawyer where he realized his passion was digital marketing which led him to open an agency that would provide vast resources for small businesses to thrive. . With the mission of empowering small business owners to be successful in the arena of their digital presence, he has been instrumental in exceeding his clients’ goals, earning him numerous referrals, 5 star reviews, positive testimonials and recognition as a Top Featured SEO Agency on Upcity.

Ed Elkins SEO offers affordable SEO services that deliver positive ROI and strengthen the integrity of their clients’ businesses. They start their search optimization projects with research to capitalize on quick wins that increase website and business traffic. SEO services cover page optimization, business directory listings, link building campaigns, SEO consultations, and creative content creation. They also offer Google My Business rankings that utilize and optimize business profiles, giving them a clear call to action on their websites, which helps them earn quick wins online, in converting leads into sales.

To help businesses build their brand online and accelerate their growth and revenue, Ed Elkins SEO designs the structure, feel and presentation of a website. They take into account functionality, visual aspects, usability, content, technical elements that facilitate navigation and other personalized aspects related to the business and specific to the business niche. Ed Elkins SEO specializes in building responsive websites for clients with laptops, desktops, or smartphones. They use WordPress and other professional website builders preferred by business owners using new CSS3 techniques and HTML5 elements to create a unique experience for users.

Knowing that most small businesses don’t have big budgets for marketing, Ed Elkins SEO offers diverse digital marketing services that equip them with the tools and resources to run marketing campaigns effectively. They offer website traffic analysis, influencer marketing, reputation management, website programming and Facebook ChatBot, social media content creation, and competitor strategy research. In addition, they increase the online presence of small businesses by providing strategic content marketing, VIP DAY website design, website security, and the creation of master magnets.

Small businesses face many internet marketing challenges that require in-depth knowledge, experience, and skills to navigate and overcome. With that in mind, Ed Elkins SEO writes insightful articles on a variety of topics to educate and empower business owners, including improving small business website SEO, Twitch SEO, building a website with WordPress. for SEO, local SEO costs, among others.

Ed Elkins SEO had the privilege of being a service provider for the Mesa CARES technical support program in 2020. The program provided training, education and one-on-one consultation on various business topics including digital marketing and marketing. web design. Since their involvement in the program, Ed Elkins SEO has continued to assist small businesses in local programs by offering website design and other personalized digital marketing services to help them grow.

While Ed Elkins SEO is based in Mesa, they serve small businesses nationwide and throughout the East Valley including Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe and Queen Creek, AZ. To take advantage of their extensive SEO and digital marketing services, call 480-331-5458 to make an appointment. They are located at 9836 East Palladium Dr., Mesa, AZ, 85212, USA. For more information on the services they offer, visit their website for more information.

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